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Creating a mind map with GitMind allows you to organize and represent complex information and knowledge more conveniently and effectively. Mind mapping is a visual way of organizing and structuring information, particularly suitable for situations involving a large amount of information and knowledge. It can help you organize your thoughts and present thought processes clearly. Let’s take a look at how to do it!

1. Create New

Open GitMind and go to ‘My Mind’. Click on ‘New Map’ in the top toolbar to create a new mind map. Alternatively, within a folder, click on ‘New Map’ to create a new mind map.
create new mind map

2. Import Map

GitMind supports importing mind maps in gmind and xmind formats. You can select ‘Import local file’ in the More option of the ‘My Mind’ page and directly add or drag and drop local file.

import mind map
What are the benefits of mind maps?

  1. 📚Learning: When you need to organize classroom knowledge or prepare for final review notes, mind maps can help you better memorize and absorb knowledge.
  2. 💻Work: When you need to prepare project plans or outline presentations, mind maps can help you better clarify and organize your thoughts.
  3. 🏠Life: Whether it’s planning a large party or planning your own life, mind maps can be very helpful.

After creating a new mind map, we recommend using the following features:

  1. Mind Map Templates: GitMind provides a variety of mind map templates. Simply choose the template that suits your needs and then add or modify content based on the template to quickly create your mind map.
  2. Collaborative Editing: GitMind supports collaborative editing, allowing you to invite colleagues or friends to edit the same mind map together, which is very useful for projects requiring teamwork.
  3. Online Storage: GitMind saves your mind maps in the cloud, allowing you to edit and view your mind maps anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

That concludes the detailed tutorial on how to quickly create a mind map on GitMind. We hope this helps you!

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