How to Edit a Flowchart

Add, Search & Lock Shapes

1. On the flowchart editing page, click 【More Shapes】 to select the desired shape category and confirm with 【OK】. Alternatively, you can search for shapes directly in the search bar.
2. After adding a shape category, it will be displayed in the left panel. To use a shape, just expand the panel and drag it onto the canvas.
add shapes
3. To lock a shape, simply select it and then click on the Lock icon located on the upper toolbar. To release the lock, simply click on the Unlock icon.
lock shapes

Width & Height

To resize the shape, select the shape and enter the size from the upper toolbar.

Style, Text & Layout

Select the item you want to edit, click【View】and choose【Format Panel】. The panel will appear at the right side of the editing page. From here, you can change the style, text and layout.
format panel

Tips: Copy Size: Under 【Arrange】, first select the shape from which you want to copy the size. Then, click 【Copy Size】 and subsequently select the shape where you want to paste the size. Finally, click 【Paste Size】 to apply the copied dimensions.
copy size

Group Feature

To move multiple items simultaneously, select all the desired items, click 【View】, and then choose 【Group】.

Connection Points

Click on the canvas and enable 【Connection Points】 in the Diagram panel on the right side. Next, click on the edge of a shape to extend a relation line and connect it to another shape.
connection points

Tips: Choosing the relation line, and you can change the style of it.
line style

Format Painter

From the top menu, click 【View】 and select 【Tool Bar】 to make the top toolbar visible. Select a shape and click the Format Painter icon, then click on the shape where you want to apply the same format. To remove the format from a shape, click the eraser icon located next to the Format Painter icon.
format painter

Add lanes in Swimlane Diagram

First drag a swimlane diagram onto the canvas. Then, select a lane and click the blue arrow to add an additional lane.
add lanes

Insert Text, Hyper Link & Image

From the top menu, click 【Insert】 to select and add text, a hyperlink, or an image file.
hyper link

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How to Edit a Flowchart

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