File Management

How to Create a New Flowchart

Enter【My Mind】, click【 More】, and select【 New Flowchart】.
new flowchart

Rename, Coy, Move, Share, Delete & Restore

1. Enter【My Mind】, click the file of【My Flowchart】. Right-click the file to share, rename, copy, move or delete the file. You can also choose【MultiSelect】to manage several files.
multi select

2. For deleted files, you can go to【Trash】and delete it permanently by selecting【Shift Delete】, or restore it by selecting【Undo】.
restore file

Import & Export File in a Flowchart

1. Click【File】at the top toolbar and choose【Import】.
2. Choose a file and click【Import】.
3. Once done editing the flowchart, click【Export】at the top toolbar, then you can choose to export the file into different formats.

import file

File Order

To adjust the file sequence, click the “Order” icon and select to organize files by date or in ascending/descending order.
file order

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File Management

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