Focus Mode ☼

Focus Mode

When creating or editing complex mind maps, using GitMind’s focus mode can effectively eliminate other distracting elements on the page, allowing you to concentrate on the content and improve work and study efficiency.

To activate focus mode, open a mind map, click on the button with three dots in the upper right corner, and select “Focus.” To exit focus mode, press the ‘Esc’ key or click on ‘Exit’ in the upper right corner.

Why Do We Need focus Mode?

You will experience a whole new immersive editing experience. This experience will immerse you completely in the creation and editing process of mind maps, allowing you to focus all your attention on the mind map itself. In this state of complete concentration, you can freely brainstorm and organize thoughts, whether it’s adjusting the structure of the mind map or adding and modifying its content, all with ease.

During this process, you will find your thinking becoming more active and your perspectives more diverse. You can clearly see your thinking process through the mind map, thereby better understanding and mastering your own way of thinking. At the same time, this immersive editing experience can also help you better brainstorm and organize thoughts, enabling you to approach problems from different angles and levels, resulting in more comprehensive and insightful solutions.

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Focus Mode ☼

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