Accessing GitMind Chat

To use GitMind Chat, simply visit the official website, sign up for an account, and unlock access to GitMind Chat’s features.

Tips for Beginners

New users can enhance their GitMind Chat experience by utilizing specially designed, user-friendly prompts available in the inspiration library. These prompts are crafted to help solve real-life and work-related challenges efficiently.

Understanding Response Refusals

GitMind Chat adheres to domestic regulations, necessitating a comprehensive review system to filter sensitive content. This system, based on a probabilistic text classification model, may not be perfect. We welcome your feedback for continuous improvement. If your question is declined, consider checking for sensitive terms and rephrasing your inquiry.

Resolving Lag or No Response Issues

If you’re facing delays or no response, it could be due to network problems or high server demand. Check your internet connection and try refreshing the page. If the issue is related to sensitive content, you’ll see a message advising to change the topic. In such cases, initiating a new conversation on a different subject may help.

Retrieving Conversation History

Your conversation history should be automatically stored and visible on the left side of the chat window. If you’re unable to find it, it’s possible that the records were deleted due to previous actions.

Offline Use

GitMind Chat, being a cloud-based cognitive intelligence model, requires an internet connection for interaction as it relies on server communication.

Standard vs. Advanced Model Differences

1. Model Capabilities: The advanced model boasts superior capabilities over the standard model, thanks to more extensive training, enabling it to provide more accurate and comprehensive information.
2. Dialogue Quality: With the advanced model, you can expect more coherent and contextually accurate responses, ensuring a higher quality conversation.
3. Knowledge Base: The advanced model has access to a broader spectrum of human knowledge, allowing it to address a wider range of questions and offer more sophisticated services.

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