GitMind Release Notes


GitMind Release Notes

May 2024


Web Version
  • [New] AI Copilot assists in creating mind maps, supports intelligent analysis of generated maps, and allows you to insert the analyzed content into nodes with one click.
  • ai copilot

  • [Optimization] Enhanced GitMind AI image recognition capabilities.
  • image recognition

  • [Optimization] When creating characters with GitMind AI, longer descriptive text is now supported.
  • long prompt

Mobile Web
  • [New] Toolbar now includes an entry for AI Chat and AI Drawing.
  • mobile ai image generator


Web Version
  • [Optimization] When the presentation text exceeds one page, the font size will automatically reduce to fit.
  • [Optimization] When the presentation image is too small to see details, clicking on the image will open it in full screen view.
  • upscale image

  • [Optimization] All documents enter presentation mode with a default background (Starry Sky).
  • default template

  • [Optimization] Changing the background style now only affects the current document.
Mobile App
  • [Optimization] In presentation mode, invoke the toolbar on mobile by single-clicking the center of the screen instead of double-clicking.

April 2024


Web Version
  • [New] GitMind Planet now supports multiple users uploading videos.
  • [New] Added the ability for planet owners to change the document sorting order within Planet, with all members synced.
  • modify file order

  • [New] Rename videos in the Planet.
  • rename planet video

  • [Optimization] Optimize the planet file category structure. You can find all folders, documents, and videos in the All category. Only files in the Mind category.
  • planet file category


Web Version
  • [New] Personal Flow now supports uploading image. You can upload images directly via screenshot or drag and drop.

insert image personal flow

  • [Fix] Resolved the issue with displaying personal flow avatars.
  • [Optimization] On the Personal Flow page, clicking on an inspiration allows you to view its details.


Mobile App
  • [New] GitMind Planet now supports video insertion.

planet video upload

Web Version
  • [New] GitMind team mode launched. It supports filtering members and viewing detailed usage statistics of each member.

team mode

  • [New] GitMind Chat supports multi-select for conversations, allowing batch deletion of conversation history. You can also search conversation history by keywords.

multiselect chat history

  • [New] GitMind Chat now supports follow-up questions related to previous queries.

gitmind chat suggested question

  • [New] GitMind Chat supports more AI models.

gitmind chat models

March 2024


Web Version
  • [New] GitMind Planet now supports video insertion. Users can apply for the beta test, and upon approval, will be able to insert videos.

planet upload video

  • [New] Added video categories in GitMind Planet.

planet video folder

Mobile App
  • [New] Added video categories in GitMind Planet.


Mobile App

[New] To enter Slide show mode, simply access the three-dot menu located in the top right corner and play your mind map as a presentation.
mobile slide show

February 2024


Web Version
  • [New] You can now directly insert video files from your local disk into your mind map, with the uploaded content automatically saved to our cloud service. Easily view the video either within the mind map or directly from the cloud.
  • [New] Added “Purchased” category for themes, quickly view the themes you have purchased.
  • purchased themes

  • [New] Add “Display single node” and “Display subnodes” under slide show mode.

January 2024


Web Version
  • [New] Support uploading local images as mind map background, with each image not exceeding 20M.

alter mindmap background

  • [New] Support Theme and Background preview before applying or purchasing.

preview theme


Web Version
  • [New] Support inserting RecCloud video link and play the video under slide show mode.

insert rec video

  • [New] Support changing slide show background by right-clicking “Change background”.

background customization

December 2023


Web Version
  • 【Optimization】Update the node spacing settings to support adjusting smaller spacing, and it is more convenient for printing.

layout space

  • [New] In split screen mode, the mind map will automatically follow when dragging the canvas.

split screen

  • [New] Add Whiteboard feature to facilitate more creative illustration of your ideas.

whiteboard illustrate

  • [Optimization] Fixed an issue where dragging a free node caused other nodes to move unintentionally.

November 2023


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Supports multiple selection of files and folders, and batch movement or deletion of files and folders.

multiselect mind maps

  • [New] Supports searching certain files in My Mind and My Planets.

search files


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [Optimization] In split-screen mode, uploading documents and opening web pages is faster.
  • [Optimization] In split-screen mode, open a web page and enter the domain(, and protocol(http / https), the optional subdomain(e.g. www) will be automatically added to the link.

open web page

October 2023


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Supports split-screen function. Upload local files, open webpages, and access GitMind Chat.

split screen mode


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] 12 brand new themes.

new themes

  • [New] 12 brand new backgrounds.

new backgrounds

  • [New] Supports consuming credits to use specific themes, backgrounds, etc.

consume credits

September 2023


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Add a watermark in a mind map.

insert watermark

August 2023


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] GitMind Pro benefits include exporting high-definition images.
  • [New] Support setting rendering ratio when exporting pictures. The larger the ratio, the clearer the exported picture will be.
  • [New] Supports exporting original images. The images in the nodes will be clearer.
  • [New] Supports canceling export at any time during export.

mind map hd export

July 2023


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Supports dragging nodes to change node positions in the outline mode.

drag mind map node in outline mode

June 2023


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [Optimization] Mind map and flowchart files are merged into “My Mind”, and all previously created flowcharts are stored in the “My Flowchart” folder.

merge to my mind

  • [New] Supports viewing recently edited documents on the home page.

recent file records

  • [Optimization] Files can be moved freely between planets.

move planet file

  • [Optimization] Merge Planet pro plan and personal pro plan to one plan. After upgrading to personal pro account, you can create up to 5 planets.

compare functions

  • [Optimization] Planet file sharing logic optimization.
Mobile App
  • [New] Supports viewing flowchart files on the mobile app.

view flowcharts on mobile app

  • [New] Supports creating planets on the mobile app.

create planets on mobile app

May 2023


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Supports converting pictures into mind maps. Upload a picture and automatically convert it into editable mind maps.

image to mind map

  • [Optimization] After creating a new map, the theme will be randomly assigned.

random theme for creating new mind map

  • [Optimization] When pasting, you can choose to keep format or text only. Use shortcut keys to paste without format by default.

paste with format

April 2023


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Generate a mind map from a prompt.

generate mind map from a prompt

  • [New] Generate a mind map from a file.

generate mind map from a file

March 2023


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] AI-assisted mind mapping function is online. You can use AI to generate mind maps with one click.

ai generated mind map


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Supports global search.

global search

Mobile App
  • [New] Launches GitMind AI assistant.

GitMind AI on mobile app


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Supports creating planets and inviting others to join your planet.

create and invite to join GitMind planet


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Supports real-time collaboration in the outline mode.
  • [New] Supports for outline exporting on both PC and mobile.
  • [Optimization] Optimization of outline operation.
  • [Optimization] Supports outline toolbar to be displayed at the bottom right corner.

collaboration in the outline mode

February 2023


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Launch GitMind AI assistant.

ask GitMind AI


iPad Version
  • [New] Supports writing with a stylus on the iPad.

January 2023


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] One click to convert mind map to slide show. Present your mind maps at ease.

mind map to slide show

December 2022


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Doule-click on the node to customize font style, color and fill color.

customize font style

  • [New] Apply style to all peer nodes, subnodes with one click.

Apply style to all peer nodes

  • [New] Add node overlap switch. When turned on, floating node can overlap other nodes.

node overlap

  • [New] Export mind map keywords in TXT format.
  • [Optimization] Press Enter to send comments.


Mobile App
  • [New] Insert summary.

insert summary on app

  • [New] Insert icon.

insert icon on app

  • [New] Initiate real-time collaboration. Set a password for the shared file.

Initiate collaboration

  • [New] View my recent files.
  • [New] View the files shared with me.

files shared with me


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Insert sticker.

insert sticker

  • [New] More built-in color themes.

new color theme

November 2022


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Supports real-time collaboration. View and edit on the same mind map together.

real time collaboration


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Set the default theme for creating new mind map.
  • [New] Pin your favorite themes to the top. (Up to 6)
  • [Optimization] Fix the issue of PDF export failure for large files.
  • [Optimization] Fix the problem that the text in the comments cannot be copied.

pin theme

October 2022


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Brand new UI.
  • [New] Separate layout setting for subnodes.

separte node layout

  • [New] Insert equation.

insert equation

  • [New] Customize node spacing.

customize node spacing

  • [New] Customize summary line style.

customize summary line

  • [New] Customize relation line style.

customize relation line

July 2022


Web/Windows/Mac Version
  • [New] Supports hyperlink recognition. It automatically recognizes the link you input and inserts the link.

insert link

  • [New] Supports for adjusting the summary range.

summary range

  • [New] Supports for adjusting the position of connection points of relationship.

relationship position

  • [New] Supports for adjusting the image position.

image position

  • [New] Supports for dragging the node boarder to change the node width. The text will linebreak automatically when the node width decreases.

node width

  • [New] Supports for customizing summary line color and style.

summary color

  • [New] Supports for folding main nodes.
  • [New] Supports for displaying folded node number.
  • [New] Supports for expanding folded nodes automatically when exporting.
  • [New] Supports automatic font color change when the font color and background color are the same.
  • [New] Supports for setting peer node spacing.
  • [Optimization] Fixes undo bugs.
  • [Optimization] Fixes the bug of left mouse button and right mouse button.
  • [Optimization] Supports displaying fold button only after selecting the node.
  • [Optimization] Fixed theme for creating a new mind map.
Mobile App
  • [New] Supports for dragging and dropping to move nodes.

move nodes

  • [New] Supports for adjusting the position of connection points of relationship.

phone move relationship

  • [New] Supports for adjusting summary range manually.

phone summary range

  • [New] Supports for swiping left on the file for more options.

swipe left

  • [New] Supports for displaying folded node number.
  • [New] Supports for folding main nodes.
  • [Optimization] Optimizes the zoom experience.
  • [Optimization] Supports automatic font color change when the font color and background color are the same.
  • [Optimization] Supports displaying fold button only after selecting the node.
  • [Optimization] Supports for keeping customized fill color, font color, font size when changing theme.
  • [Optimization] Fixed theme for creating new mind map.
  • [Optimization] Supports for expanding folded nodes automatically when exporting.

March 2022


  • The web version optimizes the clarity of exporting function.
  • The mobile app optimizes the Copy & Paste function.
  • The mobile app fixes the image to text issue.
  • [New] The outline mode on mobile app synchronizes the format in mind map view.
  • The mobile app optimizes the input method blocking node problem.


  • [New] Find & Replace function for the web version.

Find & Replace


  • The web version optimizes the exporting function.
  • [New] The web version supports global search of files.

global search

  • [New] The mobile app supports sharing outline function.
  • [New] iOS app supports text scanning function.
  • The mobile app is connected to OCR++ to improve the speed and accuracy of image-to-text recognition.

February 2022


Referral Activity


  • [New] The web version adds a vertical timeline layout and a horizontal timeline layout.

vertical timeline

January 2022


  • [New] The mobile app supports document moving function.
  • [New] The mobile app supports document copy function.

December 2021


  • Optimizes file loading speed.
  • Optimizes template loading speed.

November 2021


  • [New] The mobile app supports folder creating function.


  • [New] The mobile app supports keyboard shortcuts for iPad & Android tablet.

October 2021


  • [New] The web version supports manual and automatic line breaks.

September 2021


  • [New] The mobile app supports comment editing and viewing function.

August 2021


  • [New] The mobile app supports node expanding and collapsing in the outline mode.
  • [New] Added image inserting feature.
  • [New] Added mind map reading mode.
  • [New] The mobile app supports text recognition to quickly convert pictures to mind maps.

July 2021


  • GitMind Desktop version launched.

Free Download

GitMind desktop version


  • GitMind iPad/Tablet version launched.

ipad version

June 2021


  • GitMind iPhone/Android version launched.

use template

February 2021


  • The web version supports one-click to expand and collapse nodes.


  • The web version supports one click to change mind map theme.

change mind map theme

  • The web version supports node shape changing function.

change node shape

  • The web version supports relation line’s color and style changing function.

relation line

August 2020


  • The web version supports the floating node’s layout and style-changing function.

floating node

  • The web version supports multiple-branch color.

multi-branch color

  • The web version supports partial formatting.

Partial formatting

  • The web version supports left, right & center aligned text.

text align

  • The web version supports switch between 7 layouts.

new layout

  • Added more theme style.

theme style

  • Added more mind map backgrounds.

pure bg

June 2020


  • The web version supports outline mode.
  • The web version supports exporting outline as Word document.

export word

  • The web version supports counting node number.

April 2020


  • The web version supports inserting floating nodes.

floating node

  • The web version supports inserting icon and priority.

insert icon

  • The web version optimizes PDF exporting experience.
  • The web version supports customizing background color, line and border.
  • Added weak network connection notice.
  • The web version adds more shapes for flowchart making.

flowchart shape

November 2019


  • The web version supports inserting and splitting mind maps.

split map

  • Added “User Guide” in the interface.
  • The web version optimizes right mouse button function.


  • Added outline mode.

outline mode

  • The web version supports restoring history version.

September 2019


  • The web version supports exporting mind maps to PDF, JPG, and SVG formats.
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  • I think GitMind is a brilliant mind-mapping tool! Just wondered if you could build-in an F2 key function (to allow a node edit without a double-click)? Thanks!
    • Thanks for your suggestion! We will consider this.
  • This tool is excellent and i love
  • Hi, congrats for the excellent work. I am in a group of more than 700 developers who would love to know when the feature of importing files is implemented. Please let us know as it is done. Thanks
    • Hello, users can import GitMind project and XMind files now. There's a "Import local file" button on this page.
  • Hello, I just wanted to know where the data is hosted (country)? I work for a company with a strict cloud policy based on privacy laws on where we live that limit where we can host our date.
  • I've tried over 10 mind maps. Shocked and in love with your product. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Will there be export to google sheet?
    • Sorry, GitMind does not support export to google sheet. Thanks for your suggestion!
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