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GitMind is a free online mind map tool that is creative yet efficient. With its diversified themes and layout, users can quickly draw out mind maps, org charts, logic structure diagrams, tree maps, fishbone diagrams and more. Also, this tool lets you share your mind maps with as many friends or colleagues as you want and collaborate with them. The mind maps you have created are stored and saved in the cloud automatically, which you can access right-inside the web browser on your Windows, Mac OS or mobile devices anywhere you go. Now please follow the manual guide below to learn how to use GitMind.

How to use GitMind?

New Folder

Create New Folder

Go to “My mindmap”, right click on a blank space to select “New folder”. After creating a new folder, you can rename, copy, move and delete it as per your need.

new folder

Create mind map

Simply click “New” to create a blank mind map or right click on a blank space to create new blank map.

new map

Use Hotkeys

You can use hotkeys under “Node Operation”, “Adjust Interface” and “Edit” section. You can quickly view and learn how to use hotkeys by clicking “Question mark” icon at the bottom right.


Please view the hotkey list:
Hotkeys list

Edit node

Add node

There are two ways to add nodes. The first way is to select one node first, then press “Tab” key to insert the subnode, press “Enter” to insert sibling node and press “Shift+Tab” to add parent node.

The second way is to select one node and then click the icons at the top of the navigation bar to add nodes.

Insert node

Delete nodes

Select the node and then press “Delete” hotkey to delete node. You can also right-click the node and then click “Delete” to complete operation.

Delete node

Move node

Please select the node and use your mouse to drag the node location. If you move the node A to node B, the node A will be the subnode of the node B. Also, you can move up the node by clicking “Alt+Up” and move down the node by clicking “Alt+Down”.

Move node

Change the theme

After creating a new blank map, there will be a theme by default. If you want to change the theme, you just need to hit the “Theme” icon on the left to change the style.

Change theme


Select the layout

Go to a new blank map, click “Layout” in the upper right toolbar to change layout. You can change it to Mind Map, Logic Chart, Tree Chart, Org Chart and Fishbone according to the actual need.

Select layout

Reset layout

If your mind maps are in disorder, you can click “Reset layout” in the upper right toolbar to adjust the layout within one click.

Reset layout


Simply select one theme, then click the following buttons at the top navigation toolbar to set the font, font size, font color of a text and background color of the node.


Hyperlink, Image, Comments

Insert link, image or comments

After selecting a node, you can click “Hyperlink” at the toolbar and input the link address/text in a pop-up window. The same way to insert image and comments.

Remove link, image or comments

Please select the node with link, and then click “Remove link” at the toolbar. Same as removing image and comments.

Remove link

Task priorities

Insert “Priority/Progress”

Please select the node you want and then click “Priority/Progress” at the toolbar. In the pop-up toolbar, you can insert priorities by using the numbers from 1 to 9 and insert progress by clicking the green progress icon.

Remove “Priority/Progress”

Please select the node with priorities or progress and click “Priority/Progress”. In the pop-up toolbar, you can click “X” on the left to delete the priorities and click “X” on the right to delete the progress.

Task priorities


GitMind endows you with the ability to make mind map in a team. As long as you click “Invite collaborators” at the right upper corner, you can collaborate with others. All the comments and edits can be synchronized.

Invite collaborators

One way to invite collaborators is via link. Simply click “Copy link” to send link and invitation code to your friends or colleagues.

Copy link

The other way to invite members is via Email. As long as you input Email and press Enter key, you can invite them successfully.

Input Email

Bulk operation

In the “My mindmap” tab, click “Bulk operation”.

Bulk operation icon

Please select the folders you want to operate in bulk, then rename, copy, move or delete the folders.

Bulk operation

With this function, users can save great time and improve the working efficiency.


The mind maps you make can be saved automatically in the cloud, but if you have a network problem, you can save all the data manually by clicking “Save” at the right upper corner.



Click “Share” at the right upper corner to share your mind maps.


In the new pop-up window, click “Copy link”, you can send the link to your colleagues or friends to view the mind map. Moreover, all your edits can be synced to this share without worrying about the loss of data.

Share link


Please click “Export” to export the mind map as image or text.


As long as you select the target output folder, you can save the mind map on your computer after clicking “Save”.


Please refer to the manual guide of GitMind as above, if you have any questions in using the service or have any other suggestions, please contact us via

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How to use GitMind

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