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GitMind’s “Idea Flow” feature is ideal for innovation research teams and project management. It allows users to explore various potential solutions from different perspectives and facilitates effective discussions. This feature is also suitable for individual use, helping both students and professionals to boost their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Personal Flow

1. Insert Image
The Personal Idea Flow supports the insertion of images, allowing you to better capture and document your inspirations by including relevant visuals. You can upload images from your local folder, drag and drop them into the application, or use the Ctrl+V shortcut to paste an image. Currently, only one image can be inserted per idea.

personal flow image
2. Audio Recording
The Personal Idea Flow within GitMind also supports the insertion of audio files or converting audio to text. This significantly increases input efficiency, especially when typing is not convenient. This feature can be extremely helpful in capturing ideas quickly and accurately.

Click the microphone icon and allow the browser’s recording permission prompt. Start speaking, and click the stop button to end the recording. You can either save the audio or convert it to text.

insert audio in idea flow
3. Switch View
Click Show more option to check all the personal ideas. You can also switch between grid view and list view.

switch view

Group Flow

1. Create Group Flow
The Group Flow feature in Idea Flow allows you to set up a team discussion with a deadline. It is recommended to set a discussion topic so that everyone can share their opinions around this central theme. Notably, all ideas are submitted anonymously, ensuring that each idea is given equal consideration.

create group flow
2. Share Group Flow

After creating a Group Flow, you can click “Invite Friends” to invite other team members to join the brainstorming session. This collaborative effort helps generate innovative ideas through shared insights.
invite group flow
3. Resonate with Others

By clicking “All Ideas,” you can view all the current ideas. If an idea resonates with you, you can click on it and choose or enter a keyword to express your alignment. This action signifies that you have found a point of resonance with the idea. After entering your resonance keyword, click “Send”. Additionally, you can also like the idea to show your support.
resonate group flow
4. AI Analysis

When the discussion concludes and there are more than 10 ideas, you can use the AI Analysis feature. This allows you to quickly analyze the key points of the entire discussion with a single click, summarizing the important insights.
group flow analysis

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