File Management

Rename File

Enter【My Mind】from the right top corner of the main page. Right-click the file to rename it.
rename file

Move & Copy File

Go to【My Mind】, enter the file and right-click a file and choose【Copy to】or【Move to】.
Alternatively, you can directly drag the file to the desired location.
copy and move

Delete & Restore

You can also right-click a file and select 【Delete】to move it to【Trash】, where you can restore any deleted files.
To recover a file, simply right-click it in【Trash】and choose【Undo】, and the file will be restored to its original location prior to deletion.
delete and restore

Insert Files

Open a mind map file, right-click at the blank space, hover on【More】and select【Insert map】.
Then, click and hold your left mouse button to drag a mind map onto the desired node for content insertion.
insert file

Split Files

Select a node, right-click, choose “Split,” and the content will be generated as a separate mind map.
split file

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File Management

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