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Slide Show Mode is a powerful tool that effortlessly converts your mind maps into PowerPoint presentations. With just a single click, you can present your mind map content in a clear and organized slide format.

By automatically analyzing the structure of your mind map, Slide Show Mode generates slide layouts and content tailored to PowerPoint presentations. This eliminates the need for manual adjustment of each slide’s layout and content, saving you considerable time and effort.

How to Use It

To begin a presentation, open a mind map and click on “Slide show” in the top toolbar. By selecting “Display single node”, you can start the presentation from the current node. During the presentation, you can right-click to change backgrounds or simply click on the screen to advance to the next page.

slide show


  • Teachers explain new concepts in the classroom, using GitMind to create mind maps to help students understand and remember information clearly.
  • Employees use GitMind to record and share meeting content during company meetings.
  • Researchers use GitMind to organize and share key research points when preparing project reports.
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Slide Show Mode

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