Split Screen Mode

GitMind supports split-screen mode, which means you can open multiple windows simultaneously, enabling multitasking and providing you with a more flexible and efficient way of working. Whether uploading local files, using whiteboard, chatting with AI, or opening web pages, you can easily integrate reference materials with mind maps, thereby enhancing your work efficiency and creativity.

split screen

To use this feature, simply open a mind map, and click on “Split screen” icon at the lower right corner. Under this mode, you can upload local files in PDF, DOC, or DOCX format. By uploading these files, you can use them as reference materials, making it convenient for you to consult and reference while creating mind maps.

GitMind also supports directly opening web pages. You can paste the links of web pages you need to reference into GitMind, and then display them on the screen along with your mind map. This way, you can browse web content while creating mind maps.

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Split Screen Mode

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