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GitMind’s Team Mode is designed to help enterprise users manage multiple member accounts, monitor usage, and streamline collaboration. This mode requires contacting the business team for pricing. Here is how you can create and use a team account.

Features of Team Mode:
1. Account Management: The team leader can assign administrator roles to other members. Administrators can remove members from the team.
2. Usage Monitoring: View the credit usage details of each member.

Steps to Create a Team Account
Step 1: Visit the Team Creation Page
Go to GitMind Team Creation Page.

team mode creation
Step 2: Create a Team
Set a Team Name: On the team creation page, enter a name for your team.
User ID: Provide your user ID along with the team name to the business manager.

edit team name
Step 3: Contact Business Manager for Pricing
Currently, activating a team account requires contacting us to get a quote.

contact sales

Step 4: Payment and Activation
Once you have received the quote and made the payment, please provide your team name and user ID. Then the business manager will activate the membership for your team, configure the membership duration and allocate the credits.

Step 6: Invite Members
Once the team is activated, you can invite other members to join your team.

invite team member
Managing Your Team
1. Adding Members: Invite members through the team management interface.
2. Removing Members: As the team creator or an assigned administrator, you can remove members from the team.
3. Monitoring Usage: All team members will be able to see the credits usage of each member, ensuring transparency and effective resource management.

manage team
By following these steps, you can set up and manage a team account on GitMind, enhancing your team’s productivity and collaboration. If you need further assistance, contact the GitMind sales team for support.

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