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Choosing a suitable theme style not only complements your mind map content, making it more coherent and consistent, but also enhances visual appeal, making it easier for readers to browse. Next, let’s learn how to change the theme style of your mind map in GitMind.

Change Theme

In the top toolbar, use the ‘Magic Wand’ function to quickly apply a theme to your mind map. Alternatively, click on ‘Style’ on the right side, then select ‘Themes’. Clicking ‘Change Theme’ in the pop-up window will quickly apply a random theme style.
change theme

Pin Theme

Open the mind map, click the Style button at the right corner. Select “Theme” option. Pick the theme you like, click “…” button and pin it to top. You can pin up to 6 themes to top.
pin favorite theme

Set Default Theme

Open the mind map, click the Style button at the right corner. Select “Theme” option. Pick the theme you like, click “…” button and set it as the default theme. Then every time you create new map, it will begin with the default theme.
default theme

Change Background

You can click the Style button at the upper right corner, pick a solid color background or apply built-in backgrounds.
change background

Custom Background

If you cannot find preferred backgrounds in our Pop category, simply select “Custom” under “Theme” and “Background”, and upload your own images to set as background.
upload mindmap background

Most themes and backgrounds in GitMind can be used for free, while some exquisite themes require credits. If you have enough credits, you can confirm the deduction directly. If your credits are insufficient, you can purchase more credits.
purchase background
GitMind offers a variety of themes designed by professional designers, suitable for different scenarios and styles. These include dark styles suitable for conference presentations, diary styles ideal for taking notes while reading, and colorful styles suitable for presentations. No matter your field or industry, you can find a theme that suits your preferences and create beautiful mind maps.

When selecting theme styles, if you’re not satisfied with GitMind’s default options, we suggest trying the custom feature. This allows you to set various colors and styles according to your preferences, making your mind maps more unique. If you have any questions during use, you can always refer to the GitMind official website’s tutorials or consult with our online customer service.

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  • Hi, still one of the best products ever. However, is it possible to create your own theme and 'save' it so you can reuse it? thank you
    • Sorry, it's not possible to make your own theme. But you can make a blank mind map. Then you can duplicate it everytime manually.

Theme & Background

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