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AI Self-Training

After creating an assistant, on the homepage, locate it. Clicking the button at the top right corner of the assistant opens the following options:

gitmind ai edit

  • Edit: Modify the AI assistant’s configuration.
  • Delete: Remove the current AI assistant.
  • Share: Share the AI assistant using a URL link.
  • Collaborate: Invite others via URL link to edit the assistant collectively.

The training of AI assistants is primarily conducted through the AI’s own self-supervised learning methods. Therefore, the key point is the training data, i.e., the dataset. Click on【Data】at the top to enter this page.
ai data menu

Select the dataset associated with our AI character.

  • Repository: Displays all files in the current dataset in list form, supporting additions, searches, and list refreshes.
  • Uploads: Supports importing data in formats such as Q&A pairs, PDF documents, webpage URLs, etc. Imported data will be stored in repository.
  • Hit Testing: Supports testing keywords or questions to evaluate the current dataset’s quality. If a keyword or question tests above 0.8, it indicates good performance within the dataset.
  • Settings: Supports configuring the dataset’s avatar, name, and adding custom tags.

dataset settings

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Train AI Assistant

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