Jane Eyre Study Guide: Themes, Plot, Characters

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Published in 1874, Jane Eyre is one of the great successes of the Victorian era. The author Charlotte Bronte listed Currer Bell as the editor which is her pseudonym. The story begins with an orphan girl named Jane living a miserable life with her mean and cruel aunt, Mrs. Reed. Then she was sent to a charity school experiencing further abuse. Basically, Jane Eyre portrays the inner life of a woman noting social conditions and struggles during the Victorian age. If you are interested to learn more through analyzing the book, there’s a guide below we created that will help you.

Jane Eyre Summary and Analysis

Character List Mind Map

Here is a list of characters that will help you understand the role and significance of every character in the Novel. If you would study the life of Bronte, you might notice that the characters portrayed her real-life family and relationships. It’s safe to say that Bronte used her experiences as her knowledge of the people who appeared in the novel. To know more about them, you can refer to the Jane Eyre characters map to familiarize yourself.

jane eyre characters
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Plot Summary Mindmap of All Chapters

Plot is one of the most important elements of a story. It is composed of sequence of events in the novel giving you a thorough knowledge about the characters, the setting, and how the story of the novel unfolds. Let’s explore the plot summary of each chapter by looking at this Jane Eyre chapter summary mind map.

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Jane Eyre Book Analysis

There are significant themes in the novel including passion, love, and social class. Jane struggles to control her passion resulting to outbursts. Love is another theme that is associated with passion with Rochester and Jane’s mutual love, making sacrifices for each other. Opportunities provided are based on someone’s gender and class so we can say that social class is another central them of Jane Eyre.

Jane Eyre uses a formal and descriptive style of writing. Bronte tells every detail describing someone or experiences. The tone switches between confessional, brooding, and philosophical. Bronte often pauses to philosophize and explaining the behavior of the characters. In the novel, Jane often describes her experiences and she also serves as the narrator of the novel. Therefore, we can say that it was written from the first-person point of view. For a clearer view of this analysis, we created an illustration of Jane Eyre analysis below.

jane eyre analysis
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How to Make a Book Summary of Jane Eyre

It is also a great idea to show a book summary in the form of a mindmap. By doing so, you will be encouraged to remember the story and memorize the book much easier. Having said that, we provided a tool that could help you get this job done. Here’s a brief guide to make a book summary of Jane Eyre.

  • Open a web browser and go to the official site of GitMind. Get started by clicking the “New Mindmap” button from the template interface. There are also available templates to choose from.
  • Edit the map and customize it according to your preference. Add the information including the title of the novel, chapters, or any additional element you think is necessary for the summary of Jane Eyre. After adding all the details, you can customize the map using the style option. Simply open the “Style” option from the left sidebar and customize the properties of the map including the branch colors, alignment, etc.
customize jane eyre book summary
  • Once done, you may produce a copy of the map in different formats. Just choose from the sets of available formats. If you wish, you could also share the map with colleagues or friends for further improvement.
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There is no doubt Jane Eyre is an excellent piece of work. It was even commanded by the victorian monarch Queen Victoria and has lots of adaptations as well. There’s more to learn from this book and if you want a meaningful overview, you may refer to the Jane Eyre summary we created above.

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    I was planning to read this book when I have the time. That is why it is great to know that there is a summarized version of it in the form of a mind map. It is quite easy to understand in this form.