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GitMind Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is GitMind a free tool?

GitMind is a free online mind mapping tool. After simply signing up, you can enjoy all of the features.

Can I work offline with GitMind?

No, GitMind is browser-based. Till now, we do not offer the desktop version or mobile app to download. Please access GitMind in your browser.

How to import my mind maps to GitMind?

Sorry, GitMind does not support to import files from other programs. Please pay attention to our new versions.

How to export mind maps on mobile browser?

Sorry, if you want to export, please access GitMind at the desktop browser. We recommend using Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Practical Questions

How to custom line, border, shape?

1.Custom single node

Please access “Theme” and click “Customize”, then choose “Node selected”. Select the target node with your mouse, and adjust the settings of line, border, and fill color.

2.Custom multiple nodes

Please access “Theme” and click “Customize”. If you want to select all main nodes, choose “Main node”. You can custom all of other nodes if “Other node” are selected.

multiple node

How to custom background color?

Open your mind map, click “Theme” at the left toolbar and choose “Customize”. You can pick your favorite color or enter an RGB color code.


How to insert images?

GitMind supports to insert images by the following 3 methods.

1.Select the target node, click “Attachment”. Choose “Insert images” and find the image in local folders.


2.Select the target node, click “Attachment”. Choose “Insert images” and drag the target image to the box.


3.Take screen capture with third-party screenshot tool and save to clipboard. Select the target node and tab “Ctrl+V” to paste the image.

How to adjust image size?

You can drag and drop to adjust the image size.


How to hide “Expand/Retract” button?

Go to “User Profile” and switch to “Settings”, turn on hidden node expand/collapse button.

How to start a new line?

You can press “Shift+Enter” to start a new line.

How to paste text in GitMind?

Select the words, and press “Ctrl+C” to copy what you want. Then go back to mind map editing page, select the node and press “Ctrl+V” to paste the text.

How to summarize several points?

Select the target node, and choose “Summary” on the left toolbar. Double-click to edit the summary text.

How to delete the summary?

Select the summary, tab “Delete” on the keyboard.

How to delete parent node and keep child node?

Since the child node is based on the parent node, the child node would be deleted if you delete the parent node. But you can move the child node to other parent nodes and keep this child node.

Account Issues

How to bind accounts?

Sorry, users can not bind social media accounts to GitMind accounts.

How to delete my account?

Go to “Settings”, turn on “Delete account” button.


What can I do if notice “The account has been registered”?

If you fail to register several times or encounter the above notice, please drop us an email at support@gitmind.com and a member of GitMind team will get back to you as soon as possible!


If you have a question not listed here, please leave a comment or drop us an email at support@gitmind.com.

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