Best 8 Free MindManager Alternatives for Mind Mapping in 2021

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MindManager is a great flowchart and mindmap software that has been in existence since 1998. It has various templates in its library, and there is also the native flowchart editor. Most users use this tool as a visual whiteboard since it supports online collaboration. There also certain premium features that you can find here for a price. However, there are those who are unsatisfied with the current price range of the tool. That is the reason why many people search for alternatives that they can use in place of MindManager. On that note, we reviewed some great MindManager alternative tools to give readers what they want.

8 Best MindManager Alternatives


gitmind alternatives to mindmanager

As a diagram creator, there is no doubt that MindManager is decent, considering the features that it possess. However, in-terms of cost-efficiency and user experience, we will give GitMind the higher score. That is because it not only has various templates in its library, but also lets users work online. This means that online collaboration is possible. Aside from that, you can export your charts in various formats like Word, PNG, and JPG. GitMind is a free alternative to MindManager so you’ll have no regrets if you decide to use it, since you didn’t spend any amount. mindmanager free alternative

Formerly known as, is an online chart maker that you can use to replace MindManager. If you are a casual user, then this is going to be perfect for you because it is capable producing simple yet elegant looking flowcharts. The only handicap that we saw with this tool is that it doesn’t provide templates compared to MindManager. There are other tools that you can find with templates, but the fact that is free to use is a huge point for this MindManager free alternative.


coggle mindmanager free alternative

Another great tool that everyone can use is Coggle. The tool is an online collaborative mindmap and flowchart maker. This means that multiple users can access a single chart and edit at the same time. On the other hand, the free version only allows up to 4 people to edit at the same time. It also has templates within its library so you’ll be able to instantly make flowcharts on your own. Aside from inviting people to edit your diagram, they can also do the same to you as you can also edit on multiple diagrams at the same time. Nevertheless, this free MindManager alternative is a wonderful tool to add as your option.


freemind mindmanager free alternative

FreeMind is an open-source mindmapping application written in Java. Using this tool, you’ll be able to add icons to your nodes, and even place clouds around the branches. There are many save options on FreeMind, such as PDF and OpenDocument. You can also save the chart as an HTML and even in XHTML format. Among the alternatives to MindManager in the list, this tool is by far the only one that can do these. Also, you will be able to change the maps using XSLT.

yEd Graph Editor

yed graphic organizer mindmanager free alternative

Another MindManager replacement that we have on the list is yEd Graph Editor. It has the same main capabilities with MindManager such as creating flowchart and mindmaps. Aside from that, you can also import Excel sheets as mindmap on this tool. The tool supports automated functions since it can automatically arrange nodes on your chart. So far, this MindManager free alternative is one of the more reliable option if you work with Excel.


freeplane mindmanager free alternative

Next tool that we have is Freeplane. Another open-sourced software, Freeplane is a desktop application that is primarily used by developers and other digital professionals. Security is one of its primary functions since users can add password protection to their charts. There is also an option that let’s you hide the content of the diagram to unauthorized people. Task management is also possible with Freeplane since it has reminders and a task calendar. That is why this free MindManager alternative is perfect to those who want to boost productivity.


simplemind mindmanager free alternative

SimpleMind is a desktop software that can be used in place of MindManager. It can synchronize with various cloud service such as Dropbox, iCloud and even Google Drive. You can also export diagrams in PDF to retain its native format from the editor. There are also two types of layouts which are the free-form and automatic. The user-friendliness of the tool is also worth mentioning because the learning curve is only small. You’ll be creating your first diagram using this MindManager alternative in no time after installation.


mindmup mindmanager free alternative

Last on the list is MindMup. This is a more popular name among the others on the list. The good thing about it, is that it has an option that lets you share your diagram to various social media websites. Project planning and management is also easy with Mindmup since there are options built for task management. Online collaboration is also possible with this tool, which is a premium feature on other alternatives to MindManager. These are just some of the reasons why this tool is a good choice for alternatives in the diagram field.


It is without a question that MindManager is a great tool for mindmapping and flowchart. However, there is always a question of whether it is the right tool for you. On that note, the list of MindManager free alternative that we provided above will sure benefit you. Not only will you be able to understand what the tool is actually capable of, you will also know if its the right tool for you.

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