Stuck at the beginning? Enter your idea and GitMind AI generates a complete mind map in seconds.

Inspire Me

Having mind mapping block? Let GitMind AI expand your thinking and bring you endless fresh ideas instantly.

Image to Mind Map

Overwhelmed by lengthy notes? Upload images and AI recognizes images into editable mind maps to greatly improve memory.

Use Case

Turn on AIGC mode to automatically generate articles, plans, reports, emails, scripts, novels, etc.
More productive and creative!

  • Brainstorming

    Get informed fast

  • Market Research

    AI-powered suggestions

  • Tour Guide

    Integrate diverse information

  • Project Plan

    Break down complex tasks

  • Translation

    Translate 30+ languages

  • Course Syllabus

    Save time reading sources

Frequent Questions

  • Is there a limit to AI usage?

    Yes, free accounts have 20 AI attempts, and paid accounts have unlimited AI usage.

  • How can I get access to GitMind AI?

    To get started, simply click on "Login" and click the AI Mind Mapping button at the upper left corner.

  • Is GitMind AI free to use?

    Sorry, free accounts have 20 AI attempts. Paid accounts have unlimited AI usage.

  • How will my data be used?

    GitMind AI does not store any of your data and will never use your data to train AI models.

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