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Stakeholder management is the term used in making a management plan that will ensure a good relationship with the individuals who have a significant influence on your work or project. One way of doing it is by visually identifying the stakeholders of the product or the ideas on a map, which is also known as stakeholder mapping.

Having a specific stakeholder map is a must, for it will help you decide the right people to use prior to launching a project. There are 3 scenarios where stakeholder management is crucial, these include building a product, penetrating a market, and starting a new project. While if you need some stakeholder management examples that you can use, then check out the rest of this content after the jump.

What Tools Can Create Stakeholder Management Examples
(Online & Software)


The first tool on our list is GitMind. This web-based tool is capable of making any type of diagrams, flowcharts, and mind maps. Upon using this program you’ll be able to access the various pre-made templates that you can use right away. Plus, it has a built-in editor in case you prefer making your map from the scratch. All of these functions are useful in creating your stakeholder management examples. Once done with your map, you can simply share it with your colleagues or ask for a collaboration, which can be done via the “Share” function. You can also save it as an image or any document format that you wish.

In able to create a stakeholder map using this app, here are the guided steps.

  • Kindly visit GitMind’s official page, click “Get Started” to launch the program. And then click “New Mindmap” to open the editor and begin the editing.
open gitmind
  • Now select the theme for your map and start adding nodes and texts. To change the node and font simply click “Style” from the menu which can be found on the left portion of the screen, or through the task menu that’s found above the editor.
gitmind step 2
  • To save the map on your PC just click “Export” and save it as you prefer. Or click “Share” to let your friends see it or do a collaboration together.

In case you prefer an offline version then this tool has a desktop version that you can utilize as well. Get and try it now through the download link below.



The next tool that can help you make stakeholder management examples is Visio . If you’re a Microsoft OS user then you’re probably familiar with the program since it’s one of the default programs inside the MS Office. This program’s function is focused on making various types of diagrams and it’s also capable of handling mind maps for your stakeholder mapping. The key features that you can expect with this program were its built-in editor and readily available templates to make your tasks easier.

To make a stakeholder mapping example, you can refer to the steps below.

  • Open the tool and click “Blank drawing” to open the editor.
visio interface
  • Once inside the editor, start adding the elements that you need for your map by simply dragging them into the editor. You can then arrange the color of the shapes and text later on.
  • To save the file simply click “File” and then “Save as”.
save file visio


Excel is the last program that you can utilize in making stakeholder management examples. We all know this program as a spreadsheet maker for MS Office. But aside from this function, this tool also has the function to make simple diagrams and mind maps. Through its Smart Art function, users can easily add lines, shapes, and other elements needed in making a mind map.

To successfully create a stakeholder mapping, here’s what you need to do.

  • Launch the tool and start a new spreadsheet.
  • Next, is to click “Insert” and then go to “Illustrations”, look for “SmartArt” and open it.
  • Now, all you need is to choose the certain graphic that you need for your mapping. You can repeat the process until your mapping is finished.


Those are the finest tools that you can use in making stakeholder management examples. All of them can make your planning easier. However, if you’re working on more complex mapping then GitMind has the edge over other tools discussed above.

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