Top 5 Mind Map Software (2019)

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If you want to remember the information easier and faster, then make use of a mind map. Mind map tools can also be used as concept map makers to build connections between concepts. It is like looking at an image rather than reading a lengthy passage. Furthermore, it will transform the lengthy and hard to understand into personalized and remarkable illustrations that are easily recognized by your brain. This technique will help you organize information in a more creative and effective way. Here are five of the best mind mapping softwares you can find on the internet. And then you may want to know how to make a beautiful mind map.

The Best Mind Map Maker in 2019


mind map in gitmind

This software will help you create a mind map easier and faster. Go to the page and click get started. It will bring you to its interface where you can start creating your own mind map. This tool is very easy to operate; its simple interface resembles the usual text-editing tool. Another thing, this tool has an autosave feature. No need to worry if you accidentally closed it without saving, this mind map software will do you a favor. Here is a guide on how to use this tool.

  • Open the page using this link and double click the “Main Theme” to edit.
clicking main theme
  • If you would like to add a node, click the “Enter” keys, to add a subnode, click on the “Tab” key, and to add a parent node click the “Shift+Tab” keys.
add the nodes
  • To edit font size, style and color, use the text editing options above. And to insert hyperlinks, images, and comments, use the insert options above.
edit the text
  • To change the layout of your mind map, use the layout options.
choosing the layout
  • You can proceed with creating your mind map, and if you are done already, you can print it right away or save it as an image.
save as image


mind map in coggle

This is another tool that will help you make a mind map. This software is one of the simplest mind map creators and it is highly recommended for beginners. Its simple interface makes it easy to use. It also has the essential autosave function. It has a retrieve option in case you accidentally deleted your map.


mind map in mindmup

Same with other software, MindMup will help you make your own mind map. However, unlike other software, you don’t have to log in to gain access. If you don’t have an account that would work for this kind of service, then this is the perfect mind map maker for you.

mind map in drawio

With this tool, you have more options when creating a mind map. It is one of the best mind map creating tools that allows you to highly personalize your mind map. However, since it is not solely made for mind mapping, it will require a bit more effort to manually connect your shapes and other figures.


mind map in smartdraw

If you are looking for a mind map creator specifically for linear mind maps, this is the perfect software for you. Unlike some other mind map creators, this will show you a page outline where you can gauge the amount of information you will put on the page.


With the use of the different tools above, you can make creative, effective and personalized mind maps. Mind mapping is a great tool to present your ideas. Remember that a mind map can change a long boring passage to smaller bits of remarkable information to be more easily processed. The next time you present a long passage, try using a mind map for better learning and easier recognition.

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