How to Use Whiteboard


How to Use Whiteboard

What is Whiteboard?


The GitMind whiteboard offers an unrestricted canvas, allowing us to freely add shapes, input text, create relationship lines, and insert images. With no size limitations, this canvas facilitates the capture of inspiration, organization of academic knowledge, and management of projects. It’s now accessible on web and desktop platforms, while mobile support is limited to viewing whiteboard files.


The GitMind whiteboard is accessible on web and desktop platforms, while mobile support is limited to viewing whiteboard files.

Getting Started

1. Create New Whiteboard

To create a new whiteboard, log in to GitMind, click on ‘My Mind’ at the top right corner, and select ‘New Whiteboard +’.

whiteboard entry

2. Check Whiterboard File

All created whiteboards can be accessed under ‘My Mind’.

How to Draw Shapes

1. Add Shapes

After clicking on ‘New Whiteboard + ‘, select the desired shape from the top toolbar, and directly draw the shape on canvas.

draw shape

2. Change Shape Style

After drawing a shape on the canvas, a tool panel will appear on the left side. You can use it to adjust background color, borders, and other preferences.

shape color

How to Input Texts

1. Add Texts

Click the text icon in the top toolbar, then click anywhere on the canvas to add text. Alternatively, double-click the mouse after selecting the icon to add text.

enter text

2. Change Text Style

Select the text, then utilize the options in the left tool panel to adjust its size, alignment, color, and more.

text style

How to Draw Lines & Arrows

1. Add Lines & Arrows

Click Line or Arrow icon at the top toolbar and directly draw the line or add arrow on canvas.

2. Change Line & Arrow Style

Select the line or arrow, then use the left tool panel to adjust its color, width, and more.

line style

How to Draw Freely on Canvas

Click the pencil-like icon on the top toolbar to freely draw using a mouse or other connected external devices. You can select different styles from the side panel.

draw free

How to Insert Images

Click the image icon to insert your own images in JPG or PNG formats. You can then adjust their opacity and layers using the tools on the left side.

add images

How to Move Canvas

Simply use the hand button at the top panel to move the whole canvas.

move canvas

Laser Pointer

If you need to present your whiteboard and highlight certain parts during the presentation, try using the laser pointer tool located in the top menu.

laser pointer

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How to Use Whiteboard

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