8 AI Essay Generator Apps to Unlock Your Writing Potential

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Even experienced writers encounter days when the words seem to evade them. It’s common among writers – the constant demand for fresh and high quality essays can sometimes lead to mental blocks. During such times, it’s helpful to step back, take a breath, and explore new sources of inspiration. Going on a stroll, reading a book, or engaging in another the act of creativity such as brainstorming can all help to focus and refresh the mind.
Moreover, embracing technology can also provide solutions – AI essay generator tools can spark ideas, help outline content and achieve academic success. Hence, this article will give you a list of amazing ai essay writer which you can use to counter writer’s block and kickstart fresh ideas. Check them out now.

8 Amazing AI Essay Generator Free to Use

  1. GitMind Chat
  2. AI Essay Writer
  3. MyEssayWriter.ai
  4. Editpad
  5. Genius AI
  6. PerfectEssayWriter.ai
  7. College Essay AI
  8. AI Essay Writer by ToolBaz

GitMind Chat

gitmind chat

GitMind Chat introduces an innovative way to assist with essay writing. Despite primarily being a chatbot, it offers the added feature of generating ai essay based on user requests and suggestions. Regardless of the subject, users can input specific prompts, leading the chatbot to quickly produce corresponding essays. This free essay maker with user friendly interface is especially beneficial for students at any academic stage. The uniqueness of the ai essay writer also lies in its capability to help users create their own customized chatbots specialized in essay writing. Additionally, users can design a chatbot with the role of an essay writer as well. This excellent feature of GitMind Chat will surely amaze you at how this can work on the role you’ve given it.

  • Sign up for an account on GitMind Chat.

  • Click “Talk with GitMind Chat” to initiate the process.

    • gitmind chat ai essay writer 1
  • Input your prompts or requests in the chatbox.

    • gitmind chat ai essay writer 2

  • Wait as the tool generates the output.

    • gitmind chat ai essay writer 3

  • Once the result is ready and meets your satisfaction, copy it and directly paste it into your document.

    • gitmind chat ai essay writer 4

Helpful Tips: For the most precise outcomes, it’s crucial to formulate and write your prompts thoughtfully. Make them as specific as possible. But if you’re uncertain about creating effective prompts, you can follow this template:

Role > Task > Content


You’re a 6th grader [Role] and you have to complete and write an argumentative essay [Tasks]  about the pros and cons of wearing a school uniform. [Content]

AI Essay Writer

ai essay writer

Move over to another tool, AI Essay Writer. It is as straightforward as its name is in terms of its feature as an AI essay writing tool. This app is one of the great AI writing tools that you can use for your quality content. All that’s required is your valid email address to begin. This AI essay writer claims to give you a lot of help in all aspects of your essay writing. In fact, After you’ve input key details such as your topic, desired word count, and the essay type you’re aiming for you can now leave the rest to this app. And whether you’re writing a classic, compare/contrast, argumentative, persuasive, and critique essay type, don’t worry as this game changer tool can generate all of those for free.


my essay writer ai

If the task at hand involves composing a research paper, then MyEssayWriter.ai stands out as an ideal solution. This essay writing tool is tailor-made to generate diverse types of papers for most cases, including research papers, and is suitable for students of all grades at university, master’s, and doctoral levels. Additionally, it allows you to specify the desired page count for the written content. What sets this AI essay writer apart is its unique feature – the generated high quality essays is substantiated by sources and references from its extensive database of knowledge, ensuring they are accurate and plagiarism free essays that meet academic standards. Users even have the ability to input the number of references or citations they wish the AI essay writer to include.


editpad ai essay generator

Editpad is another best AI essay writer free to use included in this list. It boasts the ability to swiftly craft academic essays – a mere topic input is enough to trigger its magic. Also, it doesn’t require its users to create an account to use this. And the best part? You can grab your well written essay right after it’s conjured. Despite the website’s ads, this AI writer truly shines. It crafts beautifully structured essays with full paragraphs and impeccable grammar, making your essay truly stand out.

Genius AI

genius ai

Enhance your essay writing productivity with the aid of Genius AI. This AI essay writor is a dependable ally, capable of creating essays on a wide array of subjects. From Mathematics and Physics to Philosophy, Economics, Chemistry, Biology, and even Languages – this versatile tool has you covered. Beyond that, it goes the extra mile by generating an essay structure for you, which you’re free to edit and customize according to your preferences. Interestingly, it also saves your generated essays for your future reference.



Another noteworthy AI essay writer available is PerfectEssayWriter.ai. This tool is your go-to for AI-generated essays tailored for various academic tiers – high school, college, master’s, and doctoral levels. This writing assistant is capable of producing research papers ranging from 250 to 1500 words, spanning from one-page outlines to six-page compositions. What’s truly reassuring is its capacity to incorporate specific instructions from your teachers, ensuring alignment with your professor’s expectations. This feature instills confidence in the essay you’ll ultimately submit.

College Essay AI

College Essay AI

We’re all aware of the struggle with the heavy workload that college students face, particularly when it comes to paperwork. That’s why we introduce College Essay AI – a reliable partner for tackling those daunting school assignments. This online essay writer is committed to academic integrity and writing articles that are plagiarism-free, have impeccable grammar, and have accurate citation information. What’s more, if the initial output doesn’t meet your satisfaction, you have the flexibility to request revisions at any time. However, it is important to note that the free version is limited to 350 words, but for those seeking more, the premium version is available, offering access to advanced features.

AI Essay Writer by ToolBaz

AI Essay Writer by ToolBaz

Advancing on our list is the AI paper writer platform by AI Essay Writer by ToolBaz, a prominent competitor among free tools in our selections. This application carries the capacity to bring about significant change for content creators by promptly producing essays as needed. Its versatility extends to catering essays for students, professors, and bloggers alike, significantly boosting productivity and content quality. Impressively, this app can make lots of essays, even with a few pop-up ads. But don’t be discouraged – this AI writer is really good at creating flawless essays on many different topics when you ask.

While AI essay writer tools offer undeniable academic and professional assistance, some writers prefer not to depend on the accuracy of these AI writing tools. If you belong to this group, you can still streamline your essay writing process by utilizing a tool like GitMind. This mind mapping tool can swiftly help you outline your essay’s structure, saving your valuable time.


In short, the AI essay writer apps we explored are great for overcoming writer’s block. Through a lot of machine learning and natural language processing, AI with writing skills will eventually output articles that are more like articles written by humans and have a human tone. But if you want better essays, please remember that while these essay writer apps help create content, it’s still important to review and improve what they generate. We still have to observe academic integrity, and AI is just a tool to help us improve writing efficiency. Give these essay writer tools a shot and feel free to tell us what you think!

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