Discovering the 10 Free ChatGPT Alternative for iOS

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With its growing prominence, the ChatGPT app is made now available for iOS users in over 40 countries around the globe. We can’t deny that this is good news for those who need the power of artificial intelligence in their tasks. On the other hand, there are still places where OpenAI needs to release the app.  Well, if you cannot wait any longer, we have collected the best free Chat GPT alternatives that you can try. These applications are readily available in the App Store and can be downloaded anytime. So, without further ado let’s delve into the AI-powered programs that will surely satisfy your needs.

Best Free ChatGPT Alternative for iOS

  1. Bing AI Chat
  2. GitMind
  3. AI Chatbot: Personal Assistant
  4. Nova- AI Chatbot
  5. Poe
  6. YouChat
  7. Replika
  8. AI Chatbot- Ask Me Anything
  9. Chai-Chat with AI bots
  10. Perplexity AI

Bing AI Chat

Bing AI Chat is a free alternative to Chat GPT for iOS users. It is the latest innovation of Microsoft Corporation which employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Adaptive Learning technology. It is considered a smart search engine as it generates content and obtains accurate information directly from Google. Also, it responds based on the user’s preferences and past conversations.

Microsoft Bing AI


  • It can generate images from texts
  • A proficient language translator and optimizer
  • It is powered by ChatGPT and GPT-4


  • Randomly refreshes the program 
  • Glitch and bugs with its user interface


GitMind is the ultimate game changer for those iOS users who are looking for an intelligent AI-powered chatbot. Among the other AI tools, it provides the all-in-one convenience for brainstorming, mind mapping, and searching engine.  Whether for general or personal queries, you can ask anything under the sun in this best alternative to Chat GPT. It is not just an ordinary AI chatbot but also an AI mind map generator that allows you to organize ideas and thoughts in just a snap. 

GitMind AI-powered Mind Map


  • Multifunctional AI-powered application
  • Provide smart ideas relevant to your prompts
  • Create mind maps and diagrams with AI chat responses
  • Create blogs, emails, and social media posts in seconds


  • Needs more improvement of AI Chat responses

AI Chatbot: Personal Assitant

Got into our list of iOS ChatGPT app alternatives is the AI Chatbot: Personal Assistant. It offers clever and accurate answers in a natural and engaging way. Moreover, it is an ideal software for anyone looking to seek assistance on complicated tasks. You can ask inquiries and prompts with a maximum of 1000 words. It is a great tool for iOS users who don’t want to pay even a single penny for an AI app.

AI Chatbot Personal Assistant


  • Realistic and fascinating responses
  • Save previous chats for future reference
  • Answers up to 2000 words


  • Slower response than others
  • Remote advertisements

Nova- AI Chatbot

Nova is a groundbreaking AI chatbot that allows you to ask anything and get accurate responses right away. This ChatGPT-powered app provides individual support for all types of writing projects, including essays, compositions, poems, and socmed posts. Nonetheless, it can assist you in creating professional-quality documents that are well-written and error-free.  Aside from GitMind, it is a top-notched best alternative to Chat GPT. 

Nova AI Chatbot


  • Human-like responses like ChatGPT
  • Support more than 140 languages
  • Designed with the most recent GPT-4


  • A limited number of prompts and answers
  • Sometimes facing unexpected errors


With its Messenger-like format, Poe is considered one of the promising chatbots recently. It is an app from the well-known web-based question-and-answer platform, Quora.  What makes it interesting is that it allows you to have access to a variety of AI agents. Furthermore, each agent is designed based on a different machine-learning model to generate distinct responses. Meanwhile, the app UI appears to be a fullscreen Messenger discussion.

Quora Poe free chat gpt alternative


  • There are several AI bots to pick from
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • More conversational than others


  • Requires more time for complex prompts
  • Needs to improve the accuracy of responses


Taking advantage of the power of artificial intelligence, YouChat is definitely one of the top free alternatives to Chat GPT. It can answer general queries, propose ideas, translate languages, create content, and generate codes. The same as ChatGPT, it allows you to hold human-like chats and keep track of your conversation history. As this app is still developing so it provides links to the sources wherein users can refer to.



  • Straightforward answers and solutions
  • Disclose sources for some responses 
  • User-friendly interface


  • May give incorrect answers
  • Lacks more advanced features


Replika AI for iOS lets you experience the future of AI companionship at your fingertips. It can conduct meaningful talks with Replika and develop a deep, intimate connection with your own AI bot. Further, this unique app understands and responds to your ideas, feelings, and queries using NLP and machine learning algorithms. It is a perfect solution for someone who needs to talk to, seek guidance, or explore his/her feelings.

Replika free chat gpt alternative


  • Available 24/7 AI chatbots
  • Adapted to your own personality
  • Response based on recent conversations


  • Privacy and security issues
  • Offensive and inaccurate replies

AI Chatbot- Ask Me Anything

AI Chatbot is a one-stop virtual assistant designed to perform a variety of tasks such as emailing, and writing essays. It also uses NLP and artificial intelligence to understand prompts and responds accurately. Just like Chat GPT, it can translate one language to another, write blogs or stories, and summarize long passages. From the name itself, you can definitely ask anything with this free Chat GPT alternative.

AI Chatbot Ask Me Anything


  • Responds to queries quickly
  • Advertisement-free 
  • Correction of grammatical errors


  • Ask only 3 questions for a free trial
  • Not recommended for heavy users

Chai-Chat with AI bots

If you are looking for another conversational chatbot, then you can give it a try to Chai AI. It lets users have 70 free messages to talk with bots of their choice. Besides, you can create AI characters based on the characteristics you preferred and name them subsequently. As the platform has a wide range of AI bots, you can skip those you don’t like. 

Chai Chat with AI bots


  • Chat with a variety of AI bots
  • 70 free messages for users
  • Personalize your own AI bots


  • A limited number of messages for a free account
  • Inappropriate replies from chatbots
  • In-app advertisements

Perplexity AI

To complete the list the free Chat GPT alternative is Perplexity AI. It gives its users accurate and relevant answers with the combination of AI and Internet search. Plus, it cites sources to make it easier to confirm the provided information.  It also provides a Bird AQL, a Twitter search interface that employs OpenAI Codex to convert Natural Language into SQL. Users can use their voices as well to ask questions to the program so there is no need to type manually.

Perplexity AI free chat gpt alternative


  • It gives relevant replies and cites sources
  • Check the security of your connection
  • Integrated with Bird SQL 


  • Not as conversation as others
  • Errors in Bird SQL codings
  • Unintentional copies of contents from sources


Indeed, the innovation of ChatGPT opened doors for the creation of other AI-powered programs to improve people’s way of living. Just like ChatGPT, these listed apps are equipped with natural language processing and machine learning technology to give human-like responses. Needless to say, GitMind stands out in offering all-in-one solutions whether you need answers, write content, or generate mind maps. Other free Chat GPT alternative mentioned also have unique features that may be equal to or better than ChatGPT. In this case, it’s your time to decide which one matches your demands.

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