10 Best JIRA Alternatives for 2024

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Jira productivity tracking application used by thousands across the globe. It provides quick and easy productivity tracker to employers which significantly boost work efficiency. Jira is without a doubt one of the best proprietary application out there given its great features. However, the tool is not entirely free since you’ll need to pay a sum to use it. That is why we reviewed some Jira alternative software that you can use in its place. Read on to learn more about these applications and see if they fit your working style.

Best Jira Alternatives


jira alternative

GitMind is a free-to-use mind-map and flowchart maker that’s available online. Like Jira, this tool provides features that can boost working efficiency such as online collaboration. Using this tool, people can work simultaneously on a single project, even if they are miles apart. They can also easily share their projects with one another by sending mind maps and flowcharts to each other via URL. Project tracking is also possible using GitMind since it can be used to make Gantt charts and other types of diagrams. This free Jira alternative is available anytime and is compatible with most web browsers.


proofhub open source jira alternative

ProofHub is another tool similar to Jira. It is a project management application that provides almost the same features as Jira. It has project reporting, collaborative proofing, and time tracking features which are all effective in boosting productivity. The tool is priced at $45/mo and is billed on a yearly basis which is $5 cheaper if you’ll go for the monthly subscription. Although not an open-source Jira alternative, ProofHub is still a great alternative because of the added and exclusive features.


zepel alternative to jira

Zepel is a great tool that software developers can use in-place of Jira. Unlike the former, Zepel caters especially to the needs of software engineers and is good at its job. It has an excellent and user-friendly UI which helps developers work easily. There is also the shortcut feature that allows users to navigate, open and close tabs easily. Collaboration is also a strong point for this application because it provides a sleek platform to communicate. It has other productivity features such as Kanban boards and progress monitoring options. Overall, Zepel is indeed a great alternative to Jira.


ora pm alternative to jira

Ora.pm is a project collaboration software just like Jira and can perform almost the same features. It is capable of producing Kanban boards, and other types of board that helps improve workplace efficiency. Aside from that, it also provides time-tracking and timeline options which also help monitor time spent on a project. Automation is also possible using this application so you can focus on more important things at work. In general, this Jira alternative is one of the best that you can use these days.

Pivotal Tracker

pivotal tracker alternative to jira

If you are familiar with Agile tools, then you may already have heard of Pivotal Tracker. The tool is generally free to teams with no more than 5 members, but with limited features. Just like other agile tools, Pivotal Tracker provides Kanban boards and Gantt charts for project management. It also is used to delegate tasks to individual members and track their progress. Those who have tried this tool will prove that it is a great Jira free alternative tool to have for small teams.


assembla alternative to jira

Assembla is a Jira-like tool in the sense that they both provide project management to their users. However, the more popular one is Assembla since it is used by more than a million users across the globe according to their statistics. The reason why it is preferred by more people is that it provides some features that need individual subscriptions on Jira. It has a knowledgebase tool, a time tracker, and unlimited SVN options. Aside from those mentioned, it can also automate code deployment which is a real-time saver. Overall, you’ll never go wrong if you decide to use this open-source Jira alternative.


workzone alternative to jira

Workzone is a smart tool since it has the ability to notify stakeholders about the deadline regarding their tasks. In its own way, it proves to be greater than Jira in terms of functionality, and efficiency. Users can also store files within this app because it provides up to 200 GB of storage to its users. The time tracking feature is a given with this application because you can set individual actions for approval. Probably, the only downside of this tool is the price since it charges almost $25/member. However, if you feel like this is the tool for you after your own research, then there is no reason to not use this as an alternative to Jira.


bugzilla alternative to jira

The most notable competitor of Jira is Bugzilla. This application overtakes Jira in terms of bug tracking capabilities since it can quickly detect issues before they become serious threats. Aside from that, it can also keep a close look at the bugs and other changes that occur within the system. Unlike Jira, Bugzilla supports other operating systems such as Mac, Linux, and Unix. It also has email capabilities, making it a great communication tool. All these amazing features, at no extra cost which is why this is a great Jira alternative.


clickup alternative to jira

Clickup is not a stranger when it comes to tools that can replace Jira. One reason why it is always included is the simplistic UI that it possesses, which is a great factor. Not only is the learning curve low, but functionality is also enhanced since no time is wasted navigating unnecessary sections. Comments are also possible on this app which is a great way to leave feedbacks and communicate as well. It can also integrate with other applications such as Slack and GitHub. Overall, Click is without a doubt an excellent Jira free alternative.


liquidplanner alternative to jira

Last on the list of amazing Jira alternatives is LiquidPlanner. This project management tool offers great ways to assign work to individuals. Aside from that, users can sort their projects by priorities to know what tasks really matter. It can also provide quick access to task progress and other factors that may make or break a project. Users can also track their project budget using LiquidPlanner, a feature not available on Jira. In general, this app provides more features than Jira which makes it an excellent choice among other open-source Jira alternatives.


Jira is indeed a great application, and there is no question about that. However, if we only rely on one tool, then there are things that are bound to go wrong in the long run. This can be the result of not having a feature that can help you on your projects. That is the reason why you should consider having Jira alternative tools to help you when the time comes.

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