Top 10 Task Management Software for Teams in 2024

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A task manager is a productivity tool that project managers or business owners use to manage tasks effectively. It helps you organize the work by allowing you to monitor the project’s progress, delegate tasks, manage schedules, and a lot more. Aside from that, this also provides a platform to improve the collaboration in your team and have a common consensus on the assigned tasks. Thus, meeting deadlines and achieving task goals are achieved without much hassle. Cut the chase, below are noteworthy task management tools for individuals and teams.

10 Best Task Management Software


Pricing: Free; $10/user per month when paid annually

trello task management software

The first tool on the list is Trello. This is a task management program that offers freemium features suitable for small-scale projects. The tool uses a Kanban approach in managing the tasks. Work items are typically represented on a Kanban board where team members can monitor the progress of each task. Using a Trello card, you can create tasks, delegate them, and add descriptions as you wish. In addition, you can easily categorize cards according to their state. This by far, is the best task management software you can find online.

Key Features:

  • Calendar view
  • Mobile app version
  • Drag-and-drop interface


Pricing: Free

free task management software

Next on the list is GitMind. This tool lets you collaboratively work with your team using via the “Cooperate” feature. What it does is allows you to invite members remotely and work on projects together. With it, you can brainstorm and create tasks using a mindmap. In addition, it enables you to mark progress percentages, add milestones, and set priorities for each task. Furthermore, the program gives you the ability to draw technical and business-related illustrations to visualize processes. For a free task management software option offering various features, GitMind is a tool you should absolutely consider.

Key Features:

  • Set task priority and progress percentage
  • Invite collaborators via link and email
  • Generate flowchart diagrams


Pricing: Free; $15/user monthly

best task management software

Another tool to monitor and manage project tasks is Teamwork. It allows users to have a clear sight of the projects and tasks in a board view. All items are also represented as a card just like in Trello. Moreover, it enables you to plan projects with a timeline using its default Gantt chart. The best part is, this project management software supports a chat feature for seamless team communication. Thus, you can organize tasks while having a conversation with your team members simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • Time tracking and invoicing
  • Team chat integration
  • Add milestones


Pricing: 30-day free trial; $8/user monthly

flow task management tool

Flow is also a good tool for managing both individual and team workload. This application is known for its signature dashboard. This function makes it easy for the managers to view task items and monitor the progress of every task. Thanks to its simplified workflow, you can assign tasks using email, add descriptions, custom tags, and color categories. Thus, if you are looking for the best management software, Flow should come to mind.

Key Features:

  • App integrations
  • Messages and collaboration
  • Project timelines


Pricing: Free; $3/user monthly

free task management software

User-friendly, responsive interface and mobile-optimized in one can be realized when using Todoist. This is meant for project managers who want to streamline workflow in an organized and good-looking environment. This free task management software provides useful features including, commenting and notifications, data backup and encryption, and access permissions. That means you can prevent missing deadlines with notification, prevent loss of files and even keep them confidential through access permissions.

Key Features:

  • Activity history
  • Auto backups
  • Supports file sharing

Pricing: Free; $5.99 monthly

anydo task management software

If you are having difficulty tracking dates and deadlines, you might take delight in using This is one of those task management tools that is solely based on a calendar for managing tasks. Likewise, it has a snappy and clutter-free interface for a great user experience. There’s more to this task management software. You can actually sync your files across your devices. The best part is it works well with Alexa, Apple Watch, and Siri.

Key Features:

  • Cross-platform access
  • Supports Human-Assisted AI
  • Kanban boards


Pricing: Free; $5/user monthly

clickup task management software

You may also find ClickUp helpful for organizing and managing you and your team’s tasks. This tool comes with the essential project management options including calendar, to-do list, notepad, form, activity, and many more. There’s also Kanbar boards and dashboard that suits every user’s desired view of tasks. Indeed. this is one of the best free management software due to the wide range of features it offers. However, you might find it a bit challenging to learn from the get-go. On the other hand, it may take you some time to master this tool.

Key Features:

  • Custom views
  • Third-party integrations
  • Support mobile versions

Pricing: Free; $24 monthly

task management tool is a professional management program suitable for individuals and teams. It can cater from simple, advanced to complex workflow. It allows you to schedule tasks daily, weekly, monthly, and so on. Moreover, you can tag priority from the least to the most urgent ones. Aside from that, you can also attach files to the task items such as documents, images, or HTML files. What’s so good about this task management software is that it uses a drag-and-drop function to delegate tasks and move around items in a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Team collaboration tools
  • Filter/Search function
  • Reporting function


Pricing: Free; $99 monthly

task management tool

If you are looking for a simple task manager app that allows for quick navigation, Basecamp is the right fit for you. Similarly, the tool offers basic management functionalities that include task lists, commenting, deadline reminders and so much more. There’s also a team collaboration feature so you and your team can work together remotely as if you are just in the same room. Additionally, it enables you to communicate with other members via group chat or create message boards. Basecamp is definitely one of the best management software, proving its flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Cloud file storage
  • Dedicated views for individuals and managers
  • Task scheduling


Pricing: Free; $7 monthly

task management tool casual

Last but not least is Casual. Ideally, this tool is developed for organizations with small and growing projects. With it, you can access various charts that aid in planning the processes to make tasks and projects more manageable. Also, this allows you to keep track of milestones, assign tasks and their due dates, define the workflow, and set their priority level. What’s more, this task management software can track project paths, which helps you determine the duration of the project.

Key Features:

  • Summary reports
  • Track project paths
  • Drag & drop interface


The aforementioned programs are tools to help you and your team to manage work and minimize missing deadlines. There are totally free tools and free but related to a limited set of features. Moreover, paid ones are also available that offer advanced features like collaboration and chat support for team communication.

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