Compare 9 Best Android To Do List Apps for Students in 2024

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There are moments where we feel overwhelmed by tasks that we have for the day. A simple solution to this is by listing down all tasks in a note and arranging them according to priority. This way, you will know what tasks matter the most and can focus on them. It also eliminates the risk of forgetting other tasks that need to be done on that day. Using your Android smartphone is a convenient way to make list instead of the conventional notebook. With that being said, here are the 10 best to-do list app Android users can install on their devices.

Best Android To-Do List Apps

Simple Task

simpletask best to do list android app

First tool on the list is Simple Task. As its name suggests, it is a simple to-do list app available from the Google Play Store. The tool is designed for busy people who are always on the go. The clean and organized interface is perfect for those who like minimalist-themed applications. This is suitable for people who are straightforward and doesn’t like to deal with annoying options. You can organize and tag your tasks according to their level of importance in this app. Overall, we can conclude that this is a decent to-do list app Android users can rely on.


to do list app android

Ticktick is an award-winning application that doesn’t need long introductions. One thing that sets it apart from other applications is the voice input feature. This method allows users to list tasks without having to type them. This means that you can add an entry by simply uttering the words that you want to write, and the app will do it for you. Another unique feature that Ticktick has is the Smart Date Parsing feature. This one automatically sets an alarm for dates that you enter to avoid overdue projects. Ticktick also provides a built-in Pomodoro timer where you can list all distractions that you encounter and get ways to avoid them next time. In short, this free to-do list app Android version will not only boost your productivity but overall performance as well.


todoist to do list app

Todoist is another award-winning and popular to-do list application on the Google Play Store. This has outstanding features such as task delegation, personalized boards, and productivity trackers. Upon closer look, we can say that these features are way over the top for a simple to-do list application. But that is what makes this application so desirable. With these, you won’t need other apps to perform individual functions. The to-do list on this app is very organized and simple that you can use it right away. There are sorting options that you can utilize to delegate tasks that need immediate attention. These are just some of the reasons why this is one of the best to-do list app Android users can utilize. android to do list app is a great addition to your set of to-do list app if you like to keep things neat and tidy. This is originally an online tool, which released a mobile version to reach more users. The app works like any other calendar application where you can add schedules and tasks. The app can also sync your tasks on your local calendar, Social media events, and Google calendar seamlessly. All in all, we can recommend this to-do list app Android users are enjoying right now to you.


wenote to do list app

WeNote is another app that we highly recommend you to check out. It has a wide range of features like picture attachments, email attachments, and widgets to help you navigate the tool better. Lists are customizable here as a way of categorizing your tasks. There is also the option where you can add audio recordings to the schedule. There are various labels that you can use for your task which can be used to sort out priorities among the scheduled tasks. Overall, this free to-do list app Android mobile users use is a decent app on its own.

Time Planner

time planner to do list app

Time Planner is a productivity tool and organizer that provides efficient time management capabilities. It can be used for free, which means no ads. Aside from that, it has various types of reminders that you can utilize for your tasks. Sorting by the hierarchy is also possible here. Alarms are available from the app which aims to avoid or eliminate the habit of procrastination among its users. You also don’t have to worry about losing your notes because the tool can back them up on your storage. These are just some of the features that make this one of the best to-do list app Android users can enjoy.


engross to do list  app

Engross is a self-timer, and a to-do list application available from the Google Play Store for Android users. This tool helps users focus on their tasks, and keep them on track. The app is built with a daily target feature to give users a clear view of their priorities for the entire day. Aside from that, there is also a Pomodoro timer within the app that you can use to significantly boost productivity. It also provides you with detailed statistics of your activities to see if you met all scheduled tasks. That is why this is one excellent to-do list app Android users can install.


stuff widget to do list app

Not your conventional to-do list, Stuff actually is a widget that appears on your Android home screen. It has a very simple interface that lets you add notes and tasks with just a single tap. With its minimalist design, Stuff became one of the most downloaded applications in the Google Play Store. Aside from being lightweight, the app is highly power-efficient since it does not run in the background when not in use. This means that no battery charge is being used while the app is not in use. Definitely, one of the best to-do list app Android users can get, Stuff should be one of your top choices.


gtasks android to do list app

GTasks is made the same company the made Ticktick. Although both tools are great, GTasks is focused more on simplicity and functionality. In terms of the latter, GTasks is a lot more straightforward. Using it is easier compared to other applications like Ticktick. The app synchronizes well with other Google apps like Google Calendar. It also has various widgets that you can add to your home screen for convenience. The drag and drop method is also employed by this app to make sorting easier for users. That is why the next time that you look for a to-do list app Android version, then go for GTasks.


Although there are many ways to list down tasks, using the right one makes all the difference. Aside from that, there are many things to consider in choosing the right one. With the advent of Android devices, it became easier to multi-task since it is capable of many things, including listing down tasks and schedules through its apps. Speaking of which, the ones above are all free to do list app Android users can install and use. These apps provide great features, and will greatly contribute to your productivity.

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