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Whether you’ve read  “A Wrinkle In Time” before or are just now getting into it, this article will be helpful. Since its release in 1962, this Madeleine L’Engle literary piece has become a well-known classic for readers of all ages. It is famous for its compelling plot, fascinating characters, and thought-provoking themes. Today, gain insights into the beauty of this timeless masterpiece of literature with this A Wrinkle in Time summary. Furthermore, you can see the mind maps to easily visualize the summary, characters, and themes of the story. 

Book Review of A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time Summary

In the narrative, a little girl named Meg Murry searches for her missing father. He is a scientist who vanished while engaged in a top-secret government project known as the Tesseract. One stormy night, Meg and her brother Charles Wallace encounter Mrs. Whatsit. She explains to them about the Tesseract which enables space-time travel. The following day, the siblings encounter Mrs. Who. She uses quotations from well-known authors and intellectuals to converse. Furthermore, this mysterious woman warned Meg about the danger of their father in the arms of evil forces. 

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As the story progresses, Mrs. Which pays visits to Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin. She advises them to have courage and strength as they search through space and time for Meg’s father.  Following that, the group travels through the Black Thing, a foreboding and gloomy place. They discover how this setting spreads evil forces to cause chaos and destruction in the universe. Apart from that, they come into various obstacles and odd and intriguing creatures along the route. They also learn the value of accepting themselves and the strength of love.

Eventually, Meg and her team find her father on the planet Camazot. It is a place under the grip of a potent evil force known as “The IT.” Meg and her team free her father. However, IT captures Charles Wallace. So, she uses her love and inner strength to free her brother and defeat the enemy. In the end, Meg and her family are reunited. And they discover how love can be a powerful force in the universe.

Character Analysis

In addition to the A Wrinkle in Time summary, we will give a brief analysis of the characters. Each plays a significant role in the story which makes the book a page-turner and attracts readers around the globe.

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Meg Murry

Meg, the story’s protagonist, is a smart but insecure young woman who struggles to figure out where she fits in. She is extremely devoted to her family and friends, and in the end, her love and tenacity prevail. Moreover, she picks up significant lessons on the importance of self-acceptance, love, and originality throughout the course of the narrative.

Charles Wallace Murry

Meg’s younger brother is described as a brilliant and bright youngster with a unique connection to the universe. Unlike others, he can sense things through his wisdom and insights. It is also beneficial to the mission of the group to save their father and defeat evil forces.

Calvin O’Keefe

He is a popular and athletic boy who makes friends with Meg and Charles Wallace. Additionally, he is considerate and sympathetic, and he offers the group vital support and inspiration throughout their journey.

Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which

Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin receive assistance from three unknown women along their journey. Mrs. Which is the most powerful of the three who uses the tesseract to send the youngsters throughout the universe. Meanwhile, Mrs. Whatsit is a former star who has assumed a human form. Then, Mrs. Who communicates through passages from great literature. They lead the trio on their journey and they stand for a strong force of good.


The main antagonist of the novel governs the planet Camazotz. It aims to impose an extreme system of uniformity and obedience on all of its citizens. Besides, this enemy represents the risks associated with caving into authoritarianism and sacrificing one’s individuality and free will.

The Black Thing

The Black Thing serves as a metaphor for the darkness and evil force. It can be powerful to overtake the human spirit amidst fear and hatred. Further, it stands for the dangers of uniformity, sameness, and the repression of individuality.

Themes in A Wrinkle in Time

Along with the A Wrinkle In Time plot and character analysis,  let’s dig into the novel’s key themes: 

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The Power of Individuality

Meg and her friends discover their special skills and traits. They use them as their greatest assets to combat evil. With that, the moral of the story is to cherish individuality and embrace one’s unique identity and abilities.

Importance of Knowledge and Understanding

In the narrative, the main characters look for information and comprehension about the universe and their position within it. It depicts how essential to develop wisdom and insight into the world we live in.

Power of Love

The main protagonists of the story discover the most powerful thing in the universe, which is love. It is the foundation of strong and enduring relationships and it can triumph over even the worst evils.

The Dangers of Conformity

Both The Black Thing and IT serve as metaphors for the perils of uniformity and the stifling of uniqueness. One of the morals of the story underlines the value of valuing one’s individuality and defying pressure to fit in with society’s expectations.


For more than 60 years, A Wrinkle in Time fascinates readers of all ages around the world. The power of the story connects common human experiences and emotions which appeals to the readers. As we have seen in this A Wrinkle in Time summary, it embraces timely issues and endures appeals to all. Anyway, we hope that this blog helps you to have a glimpse of this influential book. Stay tuned for more book summaries, mind maps, and character analyses of your favorite books, here at GitMind.

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