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Organizational charts are the visual representation of the roles and position of an organization’s pecking order. By using so, this can help you explain the tasks or duties of each department employees. Good thing is that you can now download a free organizational chart template using these sites we listed for you. These templates will assist and provide you reliable ways to begin and create an organizational chart. Check them as follows.

Free Organizational Chart Template Sites


organizational chart template

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Gitmind is on top of the list when looking for free org chart templates. It has a number of various templates that includes mind map and flowcharts depending on the situation that you need. Moreover, these templates are customizable with shapes and colors that suit your design. Undoubtedly, GitMind is one great source to download free org chart templates.


organizational chart example

Another site where you can get an organizational chart example is Vertex42. This site offers templates that you may download and use as a spreadsheet to create your company’s organizational diagram. It also contains basic shape objects as well as lines on their org chart templates but the good this is that these templates are available to download for free.


organizational chart template free

Lucidchart is a web-based chart making tool where you can get free for you to download and start your org chart fast and easy. These templates can handle different projects from mindmaps to flowcharts or any diagram you are looking for. Download options are also at ease to use because it allows you to download templates in .png, .jpg, and other formats.

Template Lab

organizational chart template

Next, we have Template Lab. This site includes the best business and personal templates for letters and other document samples. Moreover, you can access all templates within the site and edit them on the spot. However, it only offers a limited number of templates for every category.


organizational chart example

Creately is also on the list of organizational chart template free to download. It has a fair and very easy to use and modify templates for your organizational chart. Moreover, these templates can also be exported and added into Word, PPT, Visio, Excel and other documents.

Edraw Mindmaster

organizational chart template free

Edraw Mindmaster is one of the well-known org chart and diagram makers online. It also allows you to download free templates for your org chart project. These templates are suitable for any use to help you create org charts easily. What’s good is that this is a cross-platform tool that you can able to download free templates using Mac, Windows, and Linux.


organizational chart template

Lastly, we have Smartsheet. This free template downloading site is the most simple yet advanced org chart templates via spreadsheet tool. It offers a huge number and variety of formatting and editing tools for templates it offers. Moreover, just like the other sites above, these templates are downloadable and can be exported as Excel type.


These are the best sites where you can download organizational chart templates for free. With these sites, making organizational charts can be hassle-free anytime anywhere. However, if you are looking for a site where you can download various templates, you may try GitMind as it offers a lot of free templates for different situations.

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