GitMind Chat is your one-stop, deeply customizable intelligent AI solution for digital assistants in various industries and scenarios, arming individuals and enterprises with greater efficiency and value.

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All-in-one AI Assistant

Equipped with the latest LLM technology and driven by artificial intelligence, GitMind Chat offers individuals and enterprises a diversified, comprehensive range of AI services. Whether it's daily chores or challenging work tasks, GitMind Chat can resolve them and become an indispensable part of your growth.

AI Copilot
Data Analysis
Customer Service
Schedule Management
Market Forecasting
Emotional Communication
HR Management
Decision Making
Automated Operations
Interdisciplinary Learning

Built-in AI Agents

Marketing Specialist – Leo

Market analysis, strategy planning, brand growth

Coding Expert – Turing

High-quality code, code reviews, fix errors

Data Analyst – Amy

Data analysis, business insights and suggestions

Legal Advisor – Jack

Legal advice, contract review, risk assessment

Customer Service – Jane

Customer education, conflict resolution, timely response

Philosopher – Socrates

Philosophical guidance, stimulating intellectual conversations

Writing Master – Bob

Proofreading, storytelling, SEO optimization

Design Consultant – Ken

Creative ideas, culture awareness, artistic trend analysis

Senior Translator – Lisa

Language proficiency, cultural sensitivity, contextual understanding

Senior Teacher – Monica

Curriculum planning, classroom instruction, student guidance

3 Steps to Create an Agent

With GitMind Chat, you don't need any coding experience to create your digital agent. Just a few simple steps, and anyone can do it.

Select an Assistant
We have pre-trained practical assistants covering your needs. Select an assistant and immediately dive into the conversation.
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Create an Assistant
Create your own AI assistant in 4 steps. Upload an avatar, fill in role information, choose a type and set rules.
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Enjoy Your Conversation
After creation, you can start a conversation. It supports multi-selecting chat history to generate sharing links to bring more people into the wisdom.
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AI Assistant Customization Service

We provide AI assistant customization services for super individuals and enterprises. GitMind Chat undergoes pre-training through a variety of data sources such as Q&A, documents, web pages, and software to better understand what you need and generate thoughtful, precise answers.


AI Empowers Super Individuals

GitMind Chat can help you draw on the past to understand the present and analyze and predict future trends to optimize workflows, unleash your true innovative potential, and propel your business to new heights.

Natural Language Processing

Chatbot powered by LLM for human-like conversations that are natural and fluent and capable of catering to any need, no matter how basic or advanced.

Strong Timeliness

GitMind Chat can activate online plugins to access the latest information on the web, ensuring maximum authenticity for any conversation.

Contextual Memory

GitMind Chat remembers each conversation, provides answers in context, and supports in-depth Q&A based on dialogue history.

Multilingual Support

Our AI chatbot knows and learns in 22 languages, breaking down language barriers.

Data Security

We take the security of your information seriously. Our website follows HTTPS encryption protocols to provide 100% protection against data leakage.

Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency

GitMind Chat can boost efficiency by 90%, improve the quality of service by 98%, reduce costs by 30%, and increase customer satisfaction by 25%.

Diverse Use Cases


Applying AI in the field of education for the personalized touch, improving the quality of education, and reducing the cost of educational resources.

Customer Service

Providing 24/7 customer service, improving response speed, reducing labor costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Helping catering enterprises with intelligent ordering and recommendations, personalizing customer service, enhancing the customer experience, and strengthening brand influence.

Legal Consultation

Assisting with legal consultations and the analysis of cases, improving work efficiency, reducing HR cost, and making legal work more intelligent.

Enterprise Management

Establishing intelligent enterprise internal management, enhancing decision-making efficacy, optimizing process management, and improving operational efficiency.


Integrating the entire chain from pre through after-sales, assisting in the intelligent transformation of retail, reducing costs, improving benefits, and further enhancing customer satisfaction.


Providing intelligent tour guide services, intelligent recommendations for the tourism industry, enhancing the tourist experience.


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