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Capture personal inspirations in GitMind Planet to spark shared insights and innovation

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Fragmented Information


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Emergence of New Ideas

Knowledge Sharing
Easily build a personal knowledge base, gather fragmented information, and cultivate inspiration. Invite friends to join your Planet and instantly share all materials.
Team Collaboration
Utilize the Planets to manage team files, where members can view and edit files. Support real-time collaboration, facilitating brainstorming sessions at any time.
Creative Freedom
Craft mind maps, flowcharts, and whiteboards for clearer knowledge presentation. Support uploading images, videos, and links, providing a one-stop storage solution for ideas.
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Use Cases

Upload course materials
Submit class assignments
Provide online feedback
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Manage documents
Update work progress
AI-assisted research
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Knowledge Product
Build knowledge base
Manage member access
Make money
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Eliminate information gap
Real-time collaboration
AI-assisted brainstorming
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AI Planet

Planet Intro
GitMind's official AI Planet provides you with the latest developments in the AI industry and tips for using AI tools.
How to Make Money with AI Art?
20 Al Terms that Everyone Should Know
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Create your own knowledge planet, invite friends to collaborate, and let the planet have endless possibilities.
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Engage with like-minded individuals
Convert potential clients
Collect industry information
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How many planets can a user create at most?
Free users can only create 1 planet, while paid users can create up to 5 planets after upgrading.
How to invite others to join a planet?
Besides the Planet Owner, what permissions do other planet members have?
What content can be uploaded to the Planets?