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Capture each idea and ignite creativity with Idea Flow.

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Why Idea Flow

Quickly Capture Ideas

Capture inspiration spontaneously, from meetings to daily life, and rediscover the joy of creation.

Break Down Information Silos

Present every idea, ignite interaction, fueling creativity. Connect minds, let knowledge flow, spawning fresh insights.

One-Click Easy Sharing

Transform recorded ideas into shareable assets. Knowledge sharing accelerates flow and enhances value seamlessly.

AI Intelligent Analysis

Use advanced AI to quickly organize team ideas, saving time and valuing all contributions for efficient decisions.

One Space for All Your Ideas

Quickly Record Ideas

Quickly capture ideas anytime, anywhere. Export as beautiful, shareable cards.

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Share Collective Wisdom

Schedule a time, invite your team, and showcase collective inspiration and wisdom.

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Input Voice & Convert to Text

Capture ideas instantly through voice and convert them to text using cutting-edge speech recognition technology.

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Analyze & Summarize Smarter

AI analyzes and summarizes all recorded ideas, enhancing their value.

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Use Idea Flow For

Capture fleeting ideas flexibly. One-click sharing sparks creativity.

Meeting Notes

Efficiently capture discussion points and new ideas during meetings. AI analysis post-meeting distills key decisions and action items.

Creative Workshops

Record every creative idea for analysis to identify promising directions.

Knowledge Management

Organize reading notes, learning insights, and daily thoughts for future review.

Academic Research

Document discoveries, theoretical connections, and experimental ideas. Use AI analysis to build research frameworks and paper structures.

Education & Training

Prepare teaching materials, design courses, and record feedback. Students take notes and capture inspirations.

Content Creation

Capture story ideas, writing materials, and article outlines, swiftly turning inspiration into content.

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