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AI text generator apps like ChatGPT have revolutionized content production by allowing writers to instantly create content, resulting in increased productivity. The AI generators obtain their reliability and accuracy from extensive training on text sources such as books, websites, and other sources. Ai text apps were formerly used for chatbots, but luckily, these tools now support prompt-based interactions, allowing users to quickly draft their posts. In fact, there are already a number of AI text generators available that offer similar features. In case you are not sure which one is right for you, read this article carefully..

What is a Text AI Generator?

Using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, text AI generator tools generate human-like text based on given prompts or questions. The tool generates human-like responses using advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques, including recurrent neural networks (RNNs) and transformer models, such as the GPT 3 text generator. This is the reason why AI paragraph generators provide answers and assistance that are more specific and relevant to your questions and demands.

Additionally, AI text generation apps have revolutionized productivity, enabling users to generate article content effortlessly. These tools impress with their well-structured grammar and reader-friendly vocabulary. They even provide event suggestions and help troubleshoot internet-related problems. To save you time and effort, we’ve researched and handpicked the top 10 AI text generators, both free and paid. Discover more below.

10 Recommended AI Text Generator Apps

  1. ChatGPT
  2. Jasper
  3. GitMind
  4. Monica
  5. Magic Write by Canva
  6. RYTR
  7. AI Writer Tool – Anyword
  8. Wordtune
  10. Hypotenuse


chatgpt ai writer

Being mentioned above, ChatGPT is expected to top in this list with no questions asked. This online GPT 3 text generator can help you with anything (in conversational manner) – answering questions, giving suggestions, generating paragraphs or articles, and even making letters or agreements. In order for this app to work excellently, you should also know how to ask and command it to generate responses with accuracy and relevance. As you are using this, you will realize how this tool responds as if you are actually being attended and assisted by a human. On top of that, its  grammar and choice of vocabulary is also remarkable. In fact, you can even ask this app to check your grammar and readability of your write ups. In short, ChatGPT is an all-in-one AI text generator free app that you can rely on when it comes to writing.


jasper ai content generator

When it comes to popular text AI generation tools, Jasper.AI will always rank into this list. This text generator is great in producing high-quality content perfect for marketing. This tool can give your brand powerful content and statements that will surely generate sales. And if you are writing a blog, you can also command Jasper to write the rest of your content if you suddenly have a writer’s block. Moreover, it has a Boss mode, whereas, the tool can work 5x faster than its regular mode. However, unlike ChatGPT, Jasper is a lot pricier so you have to maximize its 7-day free trial before purchasing its premium account.


gitmind ai content generator

While GitMind already offers an extensive range of flow chart and diagram templates for seamless mind map creation, its AI Mind Mapping feature takes your diagramming techniques to the next level. Powered by an AI algorithm, this tool delivers instant results without compromising the quality of your diagrams’ content. Furthermore, it automatically generates visually organized and optimized structures for the themes you want to understand and brainstorm about. This tool saves you valuable time by extracting and presenting only the relevant information. Additionally, you can effortlessly share and collaborate with colleagues, making it an efficient tool for the mind mapping process.


If you’re in search of a user-friendly AI paragraph generator, look no further than Monica. This browser extension, powered by ChatGPT, can be added to Chrome or Edge. Think of it as having your own virtual assistant, similar to Alexa, that can provide written or spoken results for your queries. With its straightforward interface, you can easily command Monica anytime, on any web page. Powered by GPT-4, it offers a wide range of functionalities, including reliable translation services. Monica prides itself on being a “master of writing,” excelling at crafting Twitter posts, emails, and even lengthy blog articles. It even offers helpful prompts to speed up the text generation process. But it doesn’t stop there—Monica can also provide summaries of blogs, movies, and even YouTube videos.

Magic Write by Canva

ai text generator canva

Canva, the well-known design tool, has expanded its capabilities by harnessing the power of AI. One of its notable additions is Magic Write, a feature that lets you generate paragraphs using just five words as input and the tool will generate the result in no time. However. it’s important to note that Magic Write is specifically accessible within Canva’s Docs feature. It comes in handy when you want to infuse unique and engaging content into your designs, be it for motivational posters, business banners, or even eye-catching infographics. With Canva’s AI-powered Magic Write, taking your designs to the next level has never been easier.


rytr ai blog writer

RYTR is a versatile app for content creators, aiding in various writing tasks such as blog posts, video scripts, and social media content. It also excels at generating impactful marketing statements like taglines and call-to-actions. Additionally, RYTR helps with product descriptions, email drafts for advertising proposals, and provides suggestions for engaging headlines and introductions. The app goes beyond content generation by offering features like paraphrasing, content optimization, and grammar and plagiarism checks. With RYTR, content creation becomes easier, more efficient, and of higher quality.

AI Writer Tool – Anyword

Anyword’s AI Writer Tool is one of the exceptional text AI apps on this list. Offering a free and instant article content generation, this tool can be commanded to assist with writing captivating headlines or even the entire content of your article. It covers a wide range of copy types including ads, emails, SEO-optimized content, blogs, landing pages, and newsletters. What sets this app apart is its unique ability to generate paragraphs with the perfect structure, content, and tone tailored to your specific copy type. As a result, you can maintain consistency and achieve remarkable outputs with this AI writer.


ai text generator wordtune

Wordtune proves to be an excellent addition to the list of top AI paragraph generator tools. It enables users to effortlessly write blog posts on any topic, create meeting agendas, and start engaging Twitter threads. And if you are not satisfied at how it delivers the text, just change its formats from casual to formal or vice versa. And for the overall quality of the generated texts, you can also ask the tool to rewrite either the sentence alone of the whole paragraph.

copy ai writer

Copy AI is one of the powerful tools that can also be used as an AI text generator. If you want virtual assistance for your eCommerce business, then this app is recommended for you. This tool promises to generate quality content that can also generate sales for your page. In fact, it has pre-saved prompts that are mostly about online marketing; SEO, PR, Email Marketing, Paid Ads, and more.  On the other hand, if you want to be more specific, there is also an option of writing your request manually. You only have to input  your copywriting project, context, and the tone of your copy and the tool will swiftly create the result for you – and all of its results come with reference sites.


ai text generator hypotenuse

Did you know that in just 1 to 2 sentences, Hypotenuse AI can already give you the whole content of your article? Well, being part of this list, this AI text generator can help writers to create well-outlined copy – from introduction to conclusion. Moreover, you can also include SEO keywords as your prompts for more engagements. And if you are scared to use AI tools for writing due to plagiarism, don’t worry, because Hypotenus AI already has a built-in plagiarism checker and “Content Detective” to ensure that all the information provided are factual and up-to-date. With all of this cautious measure of this AI, readers will surely won’t recognize whether the article is made by an AI or human.


AI text generator tools are highly advantageous for enhancing productivity and efficiency, particularly for writers. However, it is crucial to acknowledge potential concerns such as plagiarism and the accuracy of generated content. Therefore, it remains essential for humans to review, edit, and fact-check the output produced by these tools.

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