Best Ways to Create Organizational Chart Online

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Asking each and every person in the organization is time-consuming just to know the right people to communicate with. In just a glimpse, you want to get the information that you need with all the duties and roles defined to communicate with the right people. This is where organizational chart comes in. It clearly depicts the relationship of individuals within an organization so you’ll know whom you should talk to. Ideally, you can create organizational charts online using several apps. These software programs can benefit you in the long run especially when updating your org chart. Below are the best and functional chart creators you can utilize.

4 Ways to Create Organizational Chart


More than a document editor, you may use Word to create charts or structure of your organization as well. It boasts a feature called SmartArt Graphic that hosts templates for your diagramming needs including hierarchy where org charts can be found. If you want, on the other hand, a more personalized visual structure, it has galleries for icons and shapes that you take advantage of. On top of that, theses features are available on versions Word 2003 and above. Whether you want to create organizational chart online or offline, it’s possible with Word and here’s a detailed instruction to make one.

  • Launch the Word editor app on your computer. From the “Insert” tab, select “SmartArt” under the “Illustrations” group.
  • Click “Hierarchy” and select an organizational chart layout then hit “OK”. This time, a toolbar will load up which allows you to customize your chosen layout.
org charts in word
  • Finally, click on the “File” tab at the top left corner and then save the file.
save file on word


Building hierarchal org charts in Excel is simple. This tool allows you to manually make an org chart using all its shapes and customization tools. Besides, you can also choose from the org chart templates in Excel and import the information of your employees to make an organizational chart quick and easy. Additionally, the file can be shared with anyone while retaining the layout and format. If you want to create organizational chart using this software, then check out the guide below.

  • Open a new excel file and click the “Insert” option on the home ribbon. Then, click the “SmartArt” drop-down and scroll down to “Hierarchy”.
  • Now, choose the layout the suits your preference. Double click on the shapes to edit the text within the shape or add text using the SmartArt textbox.
input data on text pane
  • For the styling of your org chart, click the “SmartArt” tools to be able to change the colors, shapes, and fonts in a wide variety of options then save the chart.
smart art tools for designing chart


In some cases like showing business presentations for a future corporate structure chart, PowerPoint is the app to use. Likewise, it comes with built-in templates for org charts allowing you to easily edit by adding visual effects, applying Office themes for your diagrams. Moreover, PowerPoint automatically adjusts the sizes of shapes and layout with the help of the ‘Text Pane’ option on the SmartArt graphic panel. Following is a step-by-step guide on how to create organizational chart using this method.

  • After opening a new file, go to the “Insert” tab and click “SmartArt”.
  • In the SmartArt graphic panel, move your cursor to “Hierarchy” and then select an org chart the best represents your business.
org chart layout on powerpoint
  • Next, add the necessary information in each box or insert pictures and resize it accordingly. After all the changes hit the “Save” button from the file option.
customize org charts on powerpoint


GitMind is an expert free web-based diagramming tool designed to create dynamic and eye-catching organizational charts. It allows you to set a default style for shapes (border, shadow, opacity, etc.) allowing you to reuse the style format in every new shape that you add. Furthermore, you can automatically arrange the position, size, angle, and flip of elements using the attribute properties. Hence, the structure is neat and everything falls into place. Follow the simple guide below to learn how to create organizational chart online free.

  • Get started by visiting the site of GitMind. Click the “Templates” option when you reach the page. Select from the org chart templates under the “Organization” section.
create organizational chart
  • To download the chosen org chart layout, click the “Use Template” button at the top right side of the interface.
download org chart

Click the picture above to download the template

  • At this point, add the necessary data and customize the structure or look of your org chart. Lastly, click the “Export” button and choose a file format.
save org chart


All mentioned apps in this post allow you to create organizational chart without any complicated setup. Yet to help you decide better which program to use, it’s important to consider your own personal preference. If we’re basing in the categories of free and advanced features, GitMind absolutely stands out.

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