What is Force Field Analysis: Explain with Example

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We are all aware that analysis is a thorough investigation of something complex to understand or identify the fundamentals. But force field analysis is commonly used to guide decision-making, notably in the design and implementation of change management initiatives in companies. On that note, other people try to make that process manually or uses some expensive software for them to easily create one. Having said that, this article may help you fully understand the lewin’s force field analysis and also to provide a great tool that can use to make your job well.


Guidlines about Force Field Analysis

What is force field analysis?

force field analysis

It is an effective approach for getting a comprehensive overview of the various factors at work on a prospective organizational change issue, as well as determining the source and strength. lewin’s force field analysis can also be used to analyze the forces influencing a condition or to examine the elements controlling whether a specific scientific study should be implemented as a strategy.

The concept of this analysis is that circumstances are sustained by a balance between forces that promote development and those that oppose change. Users may also use this study to consider how they might increase the factors that support the change while weakening the ones that oppose it, therefore increasing the success of the change. To assess the process of this force field analysis, you may look at the sample figure below created by GitMind. Either the driving forces or the opposing forces must always be strengthened.

Force field analysis example by GitMind

lewin's force field analysis
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GitMind is a technology applications mind mapping application that enables users to brainstorm concept mapping, project planning, and other creative activities. It is also a complete tool that assists users in visualizing complex concepts, generating new ideas, creating lists and demonstrations, and so increasing their productivity. On the other hand, The diagram below shows the features and functions of GitMind including a sample of a force field analysis. This chart freeware has a huge number of shapes in a number of styles to satisfy a wide range of needs. The sum of the driving and restraining factors might assist you to determine which path to choose.

How to Conduct a Force Field Analysis?

A force field analysis is generally performed in a group setting utilizing a visual schedule.

Step 1: Demonstrate your point of view or a proposal for improvement.

  • The organization must discuss and agree on the current situation, as well as the goal of legislative or structural reorganization. also, They must determine whether to proceed with the choice or modify it.
  • Proposed changed should be wriiten on the force field analysis chart or it should have a clarity across two sections.
  • All reasons for change should indeed be mentioned in the first column, and all forces against change should be put in the opposite column.

Step 2: Describe all of the factors for change in the first column, and all of the forces against change in the second column.

  • The following step is to explore the ‘Driving’ and ‘Restraining’ forces and break them down in the right category.
  • Both Driving and Restraining forces should evaluate and score according to their importance.

Step 3: Make a solution and action plan based on Lewin’s force field analysis findings.

  • The final stage is to brainstorm and develop effective tactics for reducing the restraining forces and maximizing the driving factors.
  • The party should consider which supportive factors it can enhance and which opposed or resistive ones it may decrease, as well as how to maximize the effectiveness of the transition.


To give the precise information necessary for an efficient study, force field analysis necessitates the complete cooperation of all parties concerned. When complete involvement is not feasible, As a result, this might be a downside leading to an assessment that does not produce a genuine picture of the supporting and opposing forces. All in all, complete cooperation of all parties is the key to making a great force field analysis. In addition to that, using GitMind can make your job much more easier and productive, especially when making mindmaps and flowcharts.

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