10 Free Book Download Sites for Bookworms to Enjoy

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Are you an avid reader seeking great reads during your leisure? Well, check out these top-rated free book download sites accessible on your phone. These platforms offer many advantages, making literature and educational resources accessible to everyone, allowing you to gain knowledge while passing the time. However, remember that accessing copyrighted content without permission is both illegal and unethical. To stay on the right side of the law, refer to our list of legal eBook download sites to enrich your eBook’s library.

Top 10 Free eBook Download Sites for Offline Reading

  1. Authorama
  2. Project Gutenberg
  3. International Children’s Digital Library
  4. Internet Archive
  5. Feedbooks
  6. Sacred Text
  7. Free eBooks.net
  8. eBooks.com
  9. The Online Books Page
  10. Google Books


free ebook site authorama

Authorama stands out for its vast collection of free books, encompassing both contemporary and classic literature. Organized alphabetically by the author’s last name and presented in easily readable HTML and XHTML formats, the site offers a rich reading experience for its users. Although English books dominate, German language texts are also available. Notably, all titles fall within the public domain, ensuring their legal accessibility and distribution. Despite its straightforward design, the platform delivers well-formatted books without requiring user accounts, making it an ideal and user-friendly destination for avid readers.

Project Gutenberg

free ebook site pgutenberg

Do you want a site that requires no registration but offers free and unlimited eBook reading? Project Gutenberg is one of the best free e-Book download sites you must visit. This site boasts a library with over 70,000 eBooks which were published between 1971-2021. In here, you can find the all-time favorite classic books by William Shakespeare such as the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet. There’s also the award winning book of Jane Austen which is the Pride and Prejudice that was downloaded 42,000 times already from this platform. More than that, it also has audio books helpful for those who have a hard time reading online. And what makes this tool outstanding is its interface which is easy to navigate and also its Search and Browse feature for quicker searching of the books you love.

International Children’s Digital Library

free ebook site icdl

If you’re a parent and you want to make your kid’s screen time educational, International Children’s Digital Library is one of the appropriate eBook websites for you. It has all the children’s books that are helpful to the memorization of your kids such as the ABC Rhymes. This page also has the ever-classic children’s storybooks and fairy tales like, “The Three Little Pigs”,  “Dorothy and The Wizard in Oz”, “Cinderella”, and more. This eBook site has an straightforward interface as all the books are arranged in alphabetical order. However, unlike with the other eBook sites, the books listed here are just scanned of their physical books.

Internet Archive

free ebook site internetarchive

One of the essential book download sites on this list is the Internet Archive. It’s a non-profit library with millions of downloadable eBooks for offline reading. Currently, it offers over 41 million books accessible after signing up and verifying your account. Some books were scanned, while others were digitized. However, not all books are downloadable; some are only available for temporary borrowing and have limited reading time. Once the borrowing time is up, certain pages will be omitted for reading. Nevertheless, users can still enjoy its free books if they will just explore this website.


free ebook site feedbook

Next on this list is Feedbooks. This site is an outstanding website for free book PDFs, featuring a well-organized interface with HD graphics for book covers. You can easily explore books by categories, publishers, or release dates, and it offers genres like Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, and Mystery in various languages. The site is ad-free, allowing for an immersive reading experience. While some books may not be free, Feedbooks still offers a vast collection of thousands of free eBooks to enjoy, making it a compelling choice for book enthusiasts seeking quality content in PDF format.

Sacred Text

free ebook site scaredtext

From the name itself, Sacred Text is a site designed for religious books not limited to Christian books. This is one of the great eBook websites that includes other religious books from all over the world. May it be about Buddhism, Confucianism, Jainism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Mormonism, Paganism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, and Zoroastrianism. Unlike with the sites we mentioned before which are available for browsing and reading right at the site, the eBooks it offers are already compressed using GZ and downloadable instantly. Sacred Text website does not require any registration too.

Free eBooks.net

free ebook site freeebooks

Free eBooks.net is a fantastic free book download site with a massive collection of eBooks. You can choose from different categories like Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic, Textbooks, and Classics. They even have audio books for a delightful listening experience. Additionally, users can also download eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle, or TXT format. With their free plan, they can download up to 5 eBooks each month, but if they want more, they offer an unlimited reading plan. And if you’re short on time, you can upload your unread eBooks in PDF to GitMind and create summaries. It’s a user-friendly site, perfect for book lovers seeking a wide range of free downloadable books.


free ebook site ebookcom

eBooks.com presents a remarkable assortment of free reading options to cater to book enthusiasts. By accessing the provided link, users can explore a vast collection of completely free eBooks, available for online reading or downloading. The platform also offers eBooks, allowing readers to indulge in their favorite genres, whether it’s computers, religion, or a variety of fiction and non-fiction subcategories. With additional filters available, including preferred formats like PDF or EPUB, release dates, and language preferences, eBooks.com ensures an enjoyable reading experience tailored to diverse literary tastes and interests.

The Online Books Page

free ebook site onlinebookpage.

The Online Books Page, managed by the University of Pennsylvania, has a huge collection of over three million free books in different formats, catering to various reader preferences. Also, site has a simple interface but is a great place for book enthusiasts. Easy navigation options make it easy to find books by authors, titles, subjects, and serials. Moreover, its search tool allows convenient partial searches for authors or titles. Some users might find it slightly inconvenient that the site links to external websites for downloads. However, with frequent updates and many downloadable books, The Online Books Page is a valuable resource for book lovers to keep coming back and exploring its literary treasures.

Google Books

free ebook site googlebook.

Google Books offers a user-friendly reading experience with the convenience of saving books to your online account and reading from the website or mobile app. The platform provides an extensive selection of free titles, including popular classics from renowned authors. These downloaded books are seamlessly integrated into your Google Play Books account, allowing for easy online, mobile, and offline reading. However, a Google account is required to access these features. Overall, Google Books enhances the reading experience with its diverse options and abundant literary collection.


Now that you already have the top 10 free book download sites, you can now enjoy your leisure time reading either by browsing online or downloading them for offline reading. And whether you’re a fan of timeless classics or seeking the latest bestsellers, these free eBook sites are valuable resources that are worth visiting by bookworms like you!

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