Collection of Free Online Courses During School Closures

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Students aren’t allowed to go out and classes have been canceled because of the coronavirus outbreak. All of a sudden, lockdown and quarantine have become part of daily vocabulary. Yet this does not mean that students have to stop learning during the home quarantine. With free online learning courses, students can keep learning from the comfort of their homes as what they would in a physical classroom setup. This article outlined the best websites that provide quality learning courses and resources for you to build skills and acquire knowledge while at home.

Top Free Online Learning Courses


cambridge university press

Cambridge is a research-based educational publishing website that transforms key insights into effective teaching and learning content. It provides free access to its professional books, textbooks, reference works, and monographs. The site also proves to be flexible as it offers courses and resources for teachers, students as well as general learners.


freecodecamp free learning courses

Expect high-quality free online college courses from freeCodeCamp. As a matter of fact, this learning platform offers courses from the most prestigious universities in the world like Harvard and Princeton. It tackles diverse fields including Computer Science, Programming, Art & Design, Social Sciences, and Personal Development all found in its section called Class Central. Each discipline is divided into modules which will give you a thorough learning experience of the subject you chose to study.

Audible Stories

audiobooks from audible stories

For parents who want to keep the learning of their children going, Audible Stories has got your back. Unlike other free online learning platforms, Audible Stories is giving away incredible audiobook series in different genres free of charge. Furthermore, it hosts fun educational content like children’s songs, plus a section for literary classics. This site has so much to offer and is always ready to stream!

Mystery Science

mystery science online class

Mystery Science provides powerful science units for elementary school students. Its lessons include introductory video, discussion questions, supplemental reading, and hands-on activities to help students find the answer to the lesson’s key question. On top of that, the site also shares five-minute videos called mini-lessons. Moreover, it uploads lessons related to current world events regularly.


best source of free online courses

For those who are looking for more professional courses and want to hone his craft, Coursera is a good choice. To give justice to its credibility, the site is affiliated with international universities like Stanford University. You can advance your career with the offered subjects such as Computer Science, Business, Science, Art, Music and so much more. The site provides paid and free online courses, but paid courses have many variations and will qualify you to earn a certificate of completion.

Loeb Classical Library

loeb classical library of books

Loeb Classical Library is a digital collection of Greek and Latin literature accessible across a broad range of readers. The site is set up in a way that it’s easy-to-navigate with its simple and fully searchable virtual library. Here you can find Epic and lyric poetry, tragedy, history, comedy, oratory and the like which are interpreted with up-to-date texts and accurate English translations. Thus, if you want to build skills of composition and creative writing, this free online learning site might be the one that you are looking for.


readingiq web interface

Easy access to a comprehensive digital library can be realized with ReadingIQ. This site provides books intended to kids with simple language, pictures books, and informational graphics. In addition, it has a section labeled as Read to Me books allowing readers to develop listening comprehension. The site also supports all devices and gives you the ability to monitor your child’s progress. This is very helpful whether you are a teacher or a parent who wants to have access to education even at home.


twinkl study packages

Twinkl provides free online courses and resources with a variety of topics covered for kids and teens to learn. It offers comprehension booklets, number lines, forest school activities, and instruction for Science Experiments for role-playing. On the other hand, there is so much on Twinkl making it very much worth the investment. Just a heads up though, you will need to ready a lot of ink and print paper because you are going to print everything off. Also, here’s a discount link to get you started with Twinkl.


chemistry books on scholastic

Scholastic has launched a learn at Home website that is equipped with daily lessons in response to coronavirus outbreak. Its grade level includes pre-K and kindergarten, grades 1 to 6 and up. It offers lessons in the form of videos, prompts and stories to aid in drawing and writing activities. So, if you are facing the challenge of finding an educational, creative, and entertaining activities for your children while at home, look no further than Scholastic.


nasa space place resources

NASA includes informative articles sharing stories of humans in space, discoveries about the earth, space tech innovations, and mission information. Additionally, the site offers users interactive web games and hands-on activities as if you are taking free online courses in an educational and fun way. Besides, NASA comes with resources and materials for both students and teachers.

British Council

british council resources

British Council aims to reach out to parents who are supporting their children in terms of learning English. Through the site, you’ll be able to train your child by listening to music and watching videos. There are also portions for reading and writing, speak and spell, grammar and vocabulary, fun and games, and print and make. Parents could also refer to the helpful tips and information from the website to help their children practice English at home.

PBS LearningMedia

pbs learning media online resources

Educators now can move classrooms online with the help of PBS LearningMedia. As you browse through the site, you will find lots of videos, lesson plans, interactives, and other learning stuff. In the same way, students could use it as a free online learning platform with videos, interactive lessons and informative articles provided by the site. They could also join classes, create projects and assignments they are tasked to do.


vooks resources for kids

Vooks is a great site particularly for kids to enjoy learning. You get to access various titles in an ad-free platform for a much better experience. It shares an amazing way of storytelling by highlighting words as they are read out loud combined with the animated illustrations that grasp the children’s attention.

National Geographic Kids

national geographic site for children

National Graphic Kids is renowned for providing unbias documentation about anything. That is why it is one of the trusted sources of information. It is good to know that they made a light version of it for kids to understand what is around them. National Graphic for kids is a very interactive, colorful and friendly website. Even young people can actually use it for references. It is full of brain boosters information that kids will love to explore. Instead of letting your kids spend most of their time playing mobile games, this is a better alternative.


Keep your mind sharp and working through these free online courses and make your home quarantine time be productive. This is the best time to be informed. You will also see updates of the COVID-19 through these sites. Reading is fundamental.

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