How to Make Money with AI: A Profitable Guide to Using AI Tool

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Undeniably, AI makes our lives easier than ever by giving us instant results. This technology has become pivotal not only for personal and corporate uses, but this too can be used for business opportunities. You can use it to create digital materials which you can sell online like AI-generated photos or videos.. Or you can use it to enhance customers’ experiences for your already established business. There are a lot of ways on how to make money with AI, and we will only show you some which you can try to kickstart your business.

7 Several Ways How to Use AI to Make Money

Making money with AI can be achieved through various avenues, and it largely depends on your skills, resources, and interests. Here are some common ways individuals and businesses make money with AI:

  1. Be a Freelance Photo Editor
  2. Get a Writing Job
  3. Do Copywriting Works
  4. Offer Tutoring Services
  5. Do Social media management Jobs
  6. Make AI-Generated Videos
  7. Offer Administrative Services

Be a Freelance Photo Editor

make money ai photoeditor

Have you remember the days where editing photos was still crucial to do? People still even have to take courses about Photoshop to edit photos. Luckily, in just one tap, you’ll be able to remove the background, retouch, and resize the images instantly. You can even do it in speed unlike before, you have to be patient in using lasso to delete it pixel-by-pixel.

And for unique images free from copyright, you can take advantage of AI image generation technology. You just have to be creative in turning your imagination to text since these apps are mostly prompt-based. Then, after generating some, you can even create stock photos and post them to different image-selling sites. Or you can even offer some online sellers for their product photo displays.

Here are some of the popular AI photo editing tools that you can use:

Get a Writing Job

make money ai writing

Have you ever wondered, ‘How can I use AI to make money?’ Well, since the advent of ChatGPT, this question has certainly crossed many minds. This prompt-based AI tool offers a limitless array of document generation possibilities. It can be from research papers and cover letters to social media posts and more. It’s not just helpful for entrepreneurs – writers struggling with creative block love it too. Whenever they need to conceptualize or outline their write-ups, they can rely on these AI assistants for help.

Additionally, these AI-writing tools can help you attract multiple clients, as they expedite the writing process significantly. With their assistance, you can efficiently complete writing tasks, allowing you to take on more projects and serve a larger client base. So whether you’re freelancing or running a business, AI writing tools can really boost your income.

Some sites you may visit to start your job as a writer:

Do Copywriting Works

make money ai copywriting

AI tools in copywriting help businesses write better and faster by analyzing what people like online. They save time by automating tasks like writing emails and social media posts. Plus, they boost sales by creating personalized content that speaks to customers’ interests. AI also helps businesses stay ahead of the competition by continuously learning and improving their marketing strategy. 

With AI as your assistant, branding becomes consistent and hassle-free. Overall, AI in copywriting is a powerful way for businesses to connect with customers and make more money.

Here are some of the AI copywriting apps you can use:

Offer Tutoring Services

make money ai tutor

Are you looking for new ways to supplement your income? Whether you’re a freelancer, a stay-at-home parent, or someone with expertise in a particular subject, AI teaching tools offer lucrative opportunities to earn extra income.

AI tutoring platforms connect educators with students seeking personalized learning experiences. Tutors can use AI tools to assess students’ learning needs, create customized lesson plans, and provide feedback on assignments. By offering tutoring services through AI platforms, educators can expand their client base and earn additional income on a flexible schedule.

These are some useful AI apps you can use for your tutoring service:

Do Social media management Jobs

make money ai smm

Social media management AI tools offer businesses an efficient way to boost income through targeted advertising and enhanced engagement. These tools streamline advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, analyzing audience behavior to maximize returns on investment.

Additionally, AI suggests engaging content topics and visuals based on past performance, helping businesses create compelling posts that drive conversions. With automated responses and chatbots, AI tools also improve customer service, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Below are some of the social media management AI  tools you can use:

Make AI-Generated Videos

make money ai videoediting

With AI-video generators, individuals and businesses can create engaging video content quickly and easily. For example, imagine you’re a social media influencer looking to expand your reach. By using AI-video generators, you can produce captivating videos to share with your audience, boosting engagement and attracting more followers. Additionally, businesses can use AI-video generators to create promotional videos for their products or services, saving time and resources compared to traditional video production methods. Ultimately, leveraging AI-video generators opens up new opportunities to monetize content creation and drive revenue growth.

Here are some of the AI video generators you can try:

Offer Administrative Services

make money ai admin

By using AI tools for virtual assistant tasks and document management, you can simplify your workload and provide better services to your clients. AI-powered virtual assistants can handle scheduling, emails, and basic customer inquiries on their own, freeing you up to focus on more important tasks. Additionally, AI document management tools automate data entry, file organization, and data extraction, saving you time and energy. With AI assistance, you can boost productivity, take on more clients, and increase your income as a virtual assistant.

Here are reliable AI tools for admin works:


In short, AI provides many ways to make money, like doing admin tasks or creating content. But be cautious—relying too much on AI alone can lead to mistakes. Over-reliance on AI-generated output may lead to potential inaccuracies or misunderstandings. Therefore, it’s best to use AI as a helper, not a replacement, and balance its strengths with human oversight. And while exploring how to make money with AI, it’s crucial to proceed thoughtfully and responsibly to ensure success.

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