Review of 10 Best Free Knowledge Base Software

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Knowledge base software uses the most complex logical and reasoning patterns based on its knowledge base. In simpler terms, it collects various information that can then be used to answer complex queries. This type of software is often used by enterprises and businesses to save time answering customer questions and queries. If you feel like you’ll benefit a lot from this knowledge-based system, but hesitant about starting it, then you can rest easy. The reason is that we will provide you with a review of 10 best knowledge base software. You can check these software and later on decide which suits you best.

gitmind knowledge base software

Top Free Knowledge Base Software


gitmind knowlede base

GitMind is a free mind map and chart maker that you can use to create a detailed personal knowledge base. You can use this personal knowledge base tool in many ways, such as organizing what you learned in a period of time by mind mapping. Aside from that, it also provides various free templates that you can use. It is one of the best knowledge base software that you’ll find these days.


hubspot free knowledge base software

Hubspot is a customer relationship management application focused on delivering knowledge base services to its clients. The tool can integrate into different forms like G-Suite, Microsoft Office, and so on. It provides various plug-ins and templates that cater to different situations. As the primary use of Hubspot is for customer relations, one of its main usages is for creating and managing knowledge-based systems. ServiceHub is the primary service provided by the application to its clients, which can collect feedbacks and categorize queries and provide answers at the same time. If it’s a knowledge base software you’re after, then Hubspot is the perfect choice.

ProProfs Knowledge Base

proprofs knowledge base software

A more user-friendly option is ProProfs Knowledge Base. It provides free knowledge management solutions like answers to frequently asked questions, online knowledge base creation, and even creation of user manuals. Simply put, this app is like your digital secretary that records and updates your bulletin board automatically. ProProfs Knowledge Base is proud of its no HTML setup, which lets users create knowledge-based systems without using any HTML codes. For a free knowledge base software, it is safe to say that this tool is one of the best options.

Bitrix 24

bitrix24 interface

Bitrix 24 provides free knowledge management options to its users. You can use this application to collect and disseminate information to your readers. Like other software on this list, it provides a CRM tool that can be used for free. Looking at it, you can say that Bitrix 24 is an all-in-one software as it offers more than one function. As a bonus, the tool also provides a quick call center software that you can integrate into the knowledge base system on your website. So much convenience from one of the best knowledge base software, right? If you feel like this is the tool for you, then feel free to try it out.


tettra template

Next on the list is Tettra. This is a knowledge-based management tool that provides accessible information access to a team. Tettra is widely known as a tool that can be integrated into the Slack application. This way, users of Slack can directly look for answers to their questions without closing the said app. Collect, and pass on information to different users in your enterprise using this one of a kind knowledge base software.


freshdesk application

If customer support automation is one of the factors that you want from a tool, then try Freshdesk. This is a cloud-based CRM software, but is one of the best. One of the features of this tool is the “Automatic Solutions Suggestion.” This option provides applicable answers to customer queries by looking into past data using advanced AI technology. Another option available here is the “Chatbot” that provides an instant reply to messages. These are just some of the things that Freshdesk can give you, making it one of the best knowledge base software out there.


intelligencebank editor

IntelligenceBank is a marketing tool that provides more than just sales features. It also has the option that gathers recent data about customers. Using these data, your customer service team will be able to come up with preparatory answers to future queries. Aside from that, you can use the tool to improve the overall productivity of each department under your leadership. Truly one of the most excellent knowledge base software, IntelligenceBank will surely benefit you in many ways.

Wix Answers

wix answers

Wix Answers is the help desk software provided by Wix to their clients. Using this software, Wix users will be able to create their knowledge base support. It integrates all essential aspects of support platforms like chat, voice, and live chat. Using data gathered from each query, Wix Answers provides answers to the most common concerns, saving both the agent and users a considerable amount of time. Wix Answers is a free knowledge base software that comes with your Wix subscription.


flowflu knowledge base

Flowflu is a data management software that provides a streamlined knowledge base to different departments in your enterprise. This means that anyone can access the information in a single place. Using this tool, you will be able to see all the necessary information that you can use to answer questions. The highly-intuitive interface of Flowflu provides a sense of familiarity, reducing the chances of getting confused. Aside from that, the search response speed of Flowflu is astounding, which will surely leave a good impression to its users. In general, if you’re looking for the best knowledge base software, then Flowflu is for you.



Last but not least is Documize. This data and knowledge management software is one of the easiest and cleanest looking tools that you can use. Using this software, you’ll be able to process data for both technical and non-technical staff members of your group. This makes browsing easier as they will easily understand where to locate information, resulting in faster response time. Apart from that, customers will also benefit a lot since it can categorize data based on their purpose. This way, users can specifically find what they are looking for within seconds. Overall, you will discover Documize as a reliable and excellent knowledge base software at the same time.


Using the tools provided above sounds complicated at first glance. This can cause hesitation for potential users because they don’t know how it works. However, there is no need to think twice about employing the help of such software since you will significantly benefit using them. All knowledge base software on this list will surely have a significant impact on your business, and a positive level.

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