A Review of 10 Amazing Line Graph Makers in 2024

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Line graphs are one of the most basic type of charts that can be made and used casually. As the name suggest, it uses vertical or horizontal lines across a table to show data. In-general, it is one of the easiest charts to make that you can draw it by hand. Alternatively, there are several line graph maker that can be used to save time. Aside from that, some of them provides templates that can be filled with data. On that note, we reviewed some of these tools below to give you an idea about them.

Top 10 Line Graph Makers


gitmind line graph generator

First tool that we have is GitMind. This is an online mind map and flowchart maker that can be used in various ways. One of them is for creating line graph and other kinds of charts. The tool is free, and does not need to be installed on you PC for it to work. Aside from the usual line graph generator feature, you can also utilize the free templates in it’s library for free. Another good thing about GitMind is the sharing feature where you can send the chart via URL to your friends. Online collaboration is also possible here because it allows multiple editors to work at the same time. Overall, we can conclude that this is one of the best tools that we can recommend.


canva line chart maker

Canva is an online infographic maker that also doubles as a chart maker. If you are more on the creative side then this will be a perfect tool for you. That is because it has a lot of templates, as well as various cliparts and elements that you can insert in the chart. Aside from infographics, Canva is also a great line chart maker. The tool is available online for free, but provides a subscription option for additional features and elements.


rapid tables line graph maker

Another tool that can be used to make line graph is RapidTables. This table and chart generator is capable of producing line chart automatically. All you need to do is provide the information for the chart and the tool will do the rest. Aside from line graph, it is also capable of generating bar graph and pie charts. This line chart maker is free to use and is available online. In general, with all the things said about this tool, we can definitely say that it deserve its position in the list.


chartgo line graph maker

ChartGo is a similar tool that can also generate line charts. Aside from line graph, you can also use it to make pie charts, area chart and bar graph which is a really convenient feature. There is also the fact that you can export your chart in either Excel and CSV format. The application is free to use and is probably one of the easiest to navigate because of the clean interface. Overall, we can conclude that this is one of the best online line graph maker that you can find.


meta chart line graph maker

Next we have Meta-Chart. As an online application, we can say that it performs just like the two previous apps. However, there is a distinct feature that sets it apart which is the chart design option. You can choose how the line chart will look like by customizing it from the background color up to the border color. On the other hand, as a free line graph maker, Meta-Chart is decent enough to no fall behind in the rankings. You can use this tool online, and from almost every web-browser.


plotvar line graph maker

Plotvar is an online application that specializes in line graphs. Promoting itself as “The easiest graph maker online” is not a far stretch from it’s actual performance. Upon trying it out, we immediately figured out why it claims to be the easiest, and that is because of the 4-step line graph creation process. There are only 4 columns that needs to be filled-out, and a single button to transform them into a line chart. In general, Plotvar is indeed one of the best line graph maker out there.


venngage line graph maker

A more professional approach when making line graph is by using Venngage. This is an infographic tool that is highly-similar to Canva. It has a wide-range of chart making capabilities including Bar, Area, Scatterplot and other types of diagram. Being a plain tool is not the way that we’ll describe it because it has all sorts of premium graphics that can be used to make a diagram. As a line graph generator though, we can say that it does not stray from its purpose while providing a way to keep the chart interesting.


visme line graph maker

Visme is a good example of app that can make line graph and provide templates at the same time. It’s an online application so you can be rest assured that it is loaded with various templates. The editing panel is also neat and organized which adds to its convenience. There are two ways to use this tool, one is for free while the other one is by subscribing to its premium plan. With added features and more freedom to use whatever content you need, we can say that it is not a bad idea to subscribe. However, if you only need a basic line chart maker, then the free version will suffice.


online chart tool line graph maker

Second to the last tool that we have is OnlineChartTool. From the name itself, we’re pretty sure that you already have the general idea on how it works. However, for the sake of those who are learning about it for the first time, here is what we think about it. OnlineChartTool is an online chart and graph creator that can be used for free. The app is a very straightforward, as it doesn’t have any fancy features that you’ll find in infographic tools. It also provide sample templates that can be printed, or download. They are also free to edit which means you can alter them to suit your needs. These are just some of the reasons why we give our seal of approval to this online line graph maker.

Visual Paradigm

visual paradigm line graph maker

Last tool that we have is Visual Paradigm. Mostly used by engineers to make UML diagrams, Visual-Paradigm is also capable of creating line graphs. There are also many templates available here so you’ll definitely find what you need. Aside from that, this free line graph maker can be used on both desktop and online. The latter means that you can bring your diagram almost anywhere you go.


There are many online applications these days and they cater to various needs. One of these tools is the line graph maker. Previously available on desktop applications, it became easy to make this type of diagram online due to the advent of these apps. Moreover, there are a lot of other benefits that can be derived from these tools, besides the fact that most of them are free.

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