7 Free Marketing Plan Templates for Small Startups

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In any industry, whether you have a big or a small business you need to reach your target market and generate leads. That’s why marketing plans are developed to help business owners and entrepreneurs succeed. A marketing plan is an operational document that consists of details of strategies to effectively advertise a product or services. While some businesses use linear format for a marketing plan, it’s also great to try a different approach in creating a marketing plan. One of the recommended ways to construct a marketing plan is mind mapping. And one of the practical solutions to use is GitMind. This tool comes with a clear and easy-to-understand interface that enables you to construct useful marketing plans with minimal effort. Thus, here we listed out the 7 free marketing plan templates that are made using GitMind for startups.

Free Marketing Plan Templates for Business


free marketing plan templates

GitMind is a free online mind mapping solution packed with premium features. This enables you to collaborate with your colleagues or business partners to discuss virtually in just a click of the “Cooperation” button. In addition, you don’t need to use an external messaging program since it is built-in with the comment function. With it, remote users can write comments on the map. Below are 7 marketing plan templates useful for different types of field or industry.

Health-Care Marketing Plan Template

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Running a healthcare business is no easy task these days. As such, a marketing plan is needed to prepare, develop, and evaluate marketing success. To help the businesses in this field, you may use this template. It contains all the basic and essential scope for a healthcare establishment including unique brand, physician referrals, employer marketing, and so on.

Sports Brand Marketing Plan Template

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Well-known sports brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma came up with a marketing plan to be famous and establish their name on the market. And this template shows some of the strategies that you can employ. In this free marketing plan template, you need to consider factors such as the placement, product, price, and promotion. One of the noticeable strategies used here is it caters almost all customers from old to young people including both men and women.

Fitness and Nutrition Marketing Plan Template

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Just like any marketing plan, a business involves planning, goals, and evaluation. This segment helps you make sure every scope of fitness and nutrition is covered from situation analysis, marketing goals, to evaluation. Through this template, you can identify all the objectives of your business and prepare resolutions that the business may encounter in advance. As we know, the first phase is important which is the situation analysis. The same can be said with the last part of most marketing plan templates. Here you will be evaluating the performance of the business. Does the business were able to accomplish all its objectives or is the marketing plan effective for business.

Online Education Marketing Plan Template

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A marketing plan is also applicable to online education. This segment shows two marketing tactics namely digital and traditional marketing. After fetching your potential market, this proceeds to the admission funnel. This is where all right-fit students come in and the CRM Systems will assist these students in the process. Since online is fast-moving and gives you easy access to reach people, this marketing plan templates will help you reach your target market effortlessly.

Green Product Marketing Plan Template

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Unlike other marketing templates, this template focuses on environment-friendly designing marketing. As shown in the template, there are two strategies you can use to get sustainable resources. This includes a Green marketing strategy and Green marketing mix which comprises marketing 4P’s including product, price, place, and promotion. This setup leads to the maximum profitability of most businesses.

Retailing Marketing Plan Template

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To help you get new customers, keep the existing ones, and generate leads for your retailing business, you need this free marketing plan template. It contains tactics you can use and some factors to consider like your target audience, budget, promotion, positions, and more. Therefore, whether you are running a physical or an online store, acquiring customers is your paramount purpose. And this marketing plan gives you enough ways to market your business.

Electronic Product Marketing Plan Template

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Pulling out an electronic segment is not an easy job. The good news is there are effective electronic strategies to heat up in the tech industry. As illustrated in this template, concentrating on just the product or service might not be enough. You need to undergo various processes like SWOT analysis and assessing the situation.


A marketing plan is an essential part of any successful business as it includes strategies and tactics to effectively market your business. This collection of free marketing plans should help you get the job done. Moreover, there are variations to the collection so you can select according to your industry and the purpose of your marketing.

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