Top 8 Free Org Chart Creators in 2020

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Isn’t it easier to communicate when you know the right people to engage with? This is what organizational chart is created for. It answers the questions “who is who” and “who does what” meaning it defines the role and responsibilities of each individual within an organization. Meanwhile, people come in and move. Thus, it is important to keep an updated org chart to provide information flow among people, especially for newcomers. Considering this opportunity, here is an exclusive list of free org chart creators that you can use to easily create an org chart and keep it current.

Best 8 Free Org Chart Creators


Score: 9.3

Platform: Windows | Mac | Android | iOS | Web

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GitMind is a free organizational chart maker that offers an efficient way to create org charts. It lets you choose from its library of templates to instantly build an org chart. At the same time, this tool grants you unlimited access to its great range of shapes and icons when customizing. On top of that, it comes with cloud collaboration allowing you and your team to work together on the same project.


Score: 7.5

Platform: Web | Windows

organimi org chart sample

One of the simplest ways to build an org chart is to use Organimi. Along with chart creation, this free org chart software helps users easily add custom fields allows to include contents like number, text, links or tags. Moreover, its smart chart legend feature makes the chart appealing by reducing the clutter and removing curb appearance.


Score: 8.0

Platform: Web | Windows

pingboard org chart sample

When it comes to creating dynamic and attractive org charts, you could rely on Pingboard. One comprehensive feature of this app is it has pre-defined elements for roles, assistants, and departments. This allows you to structure your org chart quickly as you don’t have to add one branch at a time and work on the layout manually.


Score: 8.7

Platform: Web | Windows

visme org chart sample

Visme is another good org chart creator that can transform an organization’s structure into engaging visuals in no time. In addition to its large number of templates and graphics, the tool is also available in various themes that would make your org chart more attractive and match your brand.


Score: 8.5

Platform: Web | Windows

orgweaver org chart sample

You may also find OrgWeaver helpful when making an org chart. It has the ability to automatically generate an org chart by just importing a list of employees from a spreadsheet instead of adding them manually. Also, this org chart software enables users to export org charts to PDF, PPT, or HTML file.


Score: 8.0

Platform: Web | Windows | Mac

smartdraw org chart sample

Looking for another alternative? More than creating org charts, SmartDraw allows you to create hierarchy charts, UML diagrams, floor plans and a lot more. The tool’s highlight though is its integration of useful tools that it allows you to send a diagram to Microsoft Office productivity tools as well as Outlook.


Score: 8.0

Platform: Web | Windows | Mac

gliffy org chart maker

Gliffy is a lightweight org chart maker with good collaboration options. With it, you will be able to send and receive team messages to instantly connect with them and collaborate. Besides, it comes with an extensive library of symbols to create even complex charts plus it can handle imported images.


Score: 7.5

Platform: Web | Windows | Mac

orgplus org chart sample

Provided that you have a list of employees compiled in a spreadsheet, OrgPlus can instantly build the chart for you including their functions and supervisors. Also, it lets you enjoy features like key employee identification to identify high performing employees.


Org chart depicts relationships between roles and groups within an organization, yet not every organization keeps it up to date which is important. As such, we’ve come up with these reviewed tools to help you easily create org charts and keep them current. If you want an easy-to-use, compatible with any platform and free for personal use, GitMind should be a nice pick.

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