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Text to image AI is revolutionizing graphic design by simplifying the creation of visuals from text. Previously, designers spent hours on manual tasks, facing creative blocks and repetition. With AI, the process is streamlined. Imagine a scenario: a designer needs visuals for a blog. In the old-school approach, they labor over layout, fonts, and imagery, consuming time. In contrast, AI instantly generates stunning visuals from input text, freeing designers to refine. AI is reshaping graphic design, enhancing efficiency and accessibility. And since there are a lot of text to art generator apps found in the internet, we curated a list to help you decide which tools you have to use.

Evolution of Graphic Design from Traditional Method to Text to Art Generator

Before we proceed in exploring IA text to image generator, let’s take a leap and backtrack to the evolution of graphic designing.

Graphic design, in its traditional form, relied heavily on manual techniques for creating visuals. Designers spent hours meticulously hand-drawing layouts, drafting compositions, and manipulating photographs to achieve desired outcomes. However, these methods were inherently time-consuming and often posed challenges in terms of efficiency. As a result, the designers faced hurdles such as tight deadlines, limited resources, and the need for precise attention to detail. More than that. the manual nature of these processes often led to creative limitations, and designers encountering creative blocks and struggling to explore innovative ideas freely.

text image ai evolution

Fortunately, the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly transformed the landscape of graphic design. With the integration of AI technology into design software, designers now have access to powerful tools that automate repetitive tasks and enhance creative capabilities. AI algorithms analyze patterns, predict trends, and generate design elements. It is also revolutionizing workflows and expediting the design process. Also, this integration has enabled designers to focus more on conceptualization and refinement, as AI-powered tools handle the labor-intensive aspects of design. As a result, the introduction of AI has not only increased efficiency but also expanded the creative possibilities within graphic design.

Top 6 AI Text to Image Generator Tools for Designing

  1. GitMind AI Art Generator
  2. PicWish AI Art Generator
  3. Picsart
  4. Canva
  5. NightCafe
  6. Stable Diffusion

GitMind AI


At the top of our list is the GitMind AI, an outstanding AI text to image generator you can find online. This tool stands out for its ability to generate high-resolution images based on user prompts, much like many AI art generators. What makes GitMind exceptional is its user-friendly interface and rapid-generation technology. It allows users to create AI-generated art in various styles, including cartoons, anime, watercolor paintings, and even real photos. Moreover, it offers images in different ratios suitable for desktop wallpapers, article illustrations, social media posts, and avatars. With GitMind, you can unleash your creativity effortlessly through AI-generated art.

PicWish AI Art Generator


Explore the endless possibilities with PicWish AI Art Generator. As one of today’s top AI art apps, PicWish offers remarkable capabilities in turning text into captivating visuals. With a wide range of presets available, including avatars, illustrations, wallpapers, and posters, PicWish provides unmatched versatility for your creative projects. Customize your creations effortlessly with various styles to match your preferences. PicWish ensures exceptional quality and sharpness, making your images suitable for commercial use. Powered by an advanced AI algorithm, PicWish generates stunning visuals in seconds, revolutionizing the way you express your ideas.



Picsart has introduced a new feature harnessing AI art generation. With this innovation, users can effortlessly transform their creative ideas into digital artworks. Using advanced generation AI technology, Picsart empowers users to craft unique masterpieces straight from their imagination. By inputting image specifications, users can generate stunning visuals with ease. Additionally, they can enhance their creations further by adding filters, effects, or text. This ensures that each artwork is personalized and stands out as a testament to their creativity.



Great news for Canva enthusiasts! The beloved design platform has recently unveiled its latest feature: a cutting-edge text to image AI. This innovative tool empowers users to effortlessly generate images from text inputs. Whether you’re struggling to find the perfect image or looking to explore new creative avenues, Canva’s text to image AI has you covered. With the ability to create images in various art styles including Photography, Digital Art, and Fine Art, users can let their imagination run wild and bring their ideas to life with ease. Simply describe the image you envision, and let Canva’s AI do the rest, transforming your words into stunning visuals.



Experience the transformative power of NightCafe‘s cutting-edge AI technology as it brings your imagination to life in stunning digital art. With just a simple text prompts, users can witness their creative visions manifest on screen within seconds. Moreover, delve deeper into the tool to marvel at the remarkable resolution and the quality of the generated images. Powered by Stable Diffusion and Open AI, Nightcafe ensures consistently impressive results. But that’s not all – users also have the option to upload their own images and seamlessly integrate them with various art styles, opening up endless possibilities for artistic expression. So, why wait? Unleash your creativity and embark on an unforgettable journey of visual storytelling with Nightcafe’s AI Text to Image Generator.

Stable Diffusion


Looking for an easy-to-use and free text art generator? Look no further than Stable Diffusion, an innovative AI image generation tool at your disposal. True to its name, this app utilizes an advanced generation process called “diffusion” to produce realistic and artistic images from text prompts. What sets it apart is its ability to remove noise from generated art, ensuring HD quality and clarity. Moreover, the AI image generator offers a streamlined two-step process for generating art: simply input the main prompt and the negative prompt. With Stable Diffusion, users can accurately bring their artistic visions to life, exactly as they imagine them.


With the emergence of top-notch AI text to image AI tools, designers now have a plethora of options to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life effortlessly. Whether it’s generating stunning visuals, customizing designs with various styles, or integrating personal images seamlessly, these tools offer endless possibilities for artistic expression. And as the graphic design, landscape continues to evolve, these AI-driven innovations pave the way for a future where creativity knows no bounds.

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