What is a 5E Lesson Plan Template Ideas for Teaching

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5E lesson plan template or model is a teaching sequence that provides progressive stages for designing Science programs and lessons. This encompasses the phases engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate. As mentioned, this helps educators specifically elementary teachers facilitate Science lessons that involve discovery, experimentation, and inquiry. In actual fact, there is a variety of formats of the 5E lesson plan. Hence, if you are looking for good references, we’ve prepared some 5E lesson plan templates. You can revise these lesson plan ideas according to your personal preferences or teaching approach. Check them out below.


What do the “Five Es” stand for?

5e lesson plan template definition

Before we proceed into defining each stage, teachers must take the preliminary activities. This includes the greetings, energizers, and recalling of classroom rules. After this is reviewing of previous lessons and then comes the first E and the following Es of the 5E lesson model.

Engage. The first letter E in a 5 E lesson plan template. It is the phase where teachers will find out the background of the students about the subject matter. Teachers need to invoke students’ curiosity, excitement, and wonder. They should be able to get the learners’ attention by making them feel they know something about the lesson.

Explore. After getting the attention of the students, the next E in any 5E lesson plan examples is Explore. This is the best time for them to explore or discover new concepts and put their knowledge into practice.

Explain. Learners will have the chance to hear from the instructor. The teacher will answer the inquiries of students formed from the previous activities. Also, this part is crucial for every 5 E lesson plan template since teachers will explain what the topic is all about. This helps the students gain understanding of the topic and learn new concepts or ideas.

Elaborate. The elaborate phase is where teachers can extend, enrich and enhance the lesson. In this part of a 5 E lesson plan template, you will need to give activities that will allow students to understand the concept on a deeper level. If you have students that are below level, teachers can conduct the same explore activity while providing more assistance. In this way, you can correct some misunderstandings.

Evaluate. Last but not least part of any 5E lesson plan examples is evaluate. Here the teacher will assess the understanding of the students. Typically, evaluation comes in the form of quizzes or exams. It can also be reflective wherein teachers will use rubrics which is a self-reflection or a subjective type of assessment.

5E Lesson Plan Template Ideas

After learning about what do the five Es stand for, it’s time to apply them on an actual lesson plan. That said, we’ve researched 5 E lesson plan template examples that will help you easily understand this model of teaching. Also, you may use them in your class if you are teaching Science.

Solid Shapes 5E Lesson Plan

5 e lesson plan template solid shapes
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Here is an example of a 5 E lesson plan model that tackles a Science topic about solid shapes. In particular, it aims to teach students in comparing the kinds of measurements of solid shapes. There the teachers are given specific instructions on how they will facilitate the class.

Plant Adaptations and Ecology 5E Lesson Plan

5e lesson plan example seed dispersal
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This is another 5E lesson plan template that you can use in your Science class. As seen in the title, this is obviously to help students understand the concept of plant adaptations and ecology. Similarly, there is a guide for each phase to help teachers facilitate the lesson. At the end of the class, students should be able to identify the unique characteristics of plants, and explain seed dispersal methods.

Laying Animals: Life Cycle of Egg 5E Lesson Plan

life cycle of egg 5e lesson plan template
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You can also refer to this 5 E lesson plan template to conduct your Science class. At the end of the lesson, the students will observe the stages of development of a chicken egg. There are series of activities and instructions both for students and teachers mainly to help students acquire new knowledge and develop skills. To revise this lesson plan, just click the edit button.


5E lesson plan is a helpful model of teaching that will stimulate students’ learning and gain new knowledge and skills. These are also effective since most grade school lessons are learner-centered. On the other hand, you can refer to these 5E lesson plan examples to help you facilitate well your Science classes.

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