Best 8 Free Flowchart Makers in 2020

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The famous saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true for flowcharts. Using a flowchart, you can turn complex algorithms into a comprehensible procedure with the help of specialized symbols and connecting arrows dedicated to flowcharts. Luckily, plenty of free online flowchart software are developed to help you address your specific needs, yet not all programs are created equal. Some are rather expensive or subscription-based. Below are the best flowchart makers you could use immediately without even paying a dime.

Best 8 Free Flowchart Makers


Score: 9.5

Platform: Web, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS

flowchart software

GitMind comes first on our list of free flowchart makers. Considering its library of shapes, usability, cost and set of features, GitMind stands out when it comes to creating flowcharts. It has an extensive library of figures and icons you can use to effectively create and convey a step-by-step picture of a process. Also, its drag-and-drop functionality makes the tool intuitive plus it is free, cross-platform and open source.


Score: 8.5

Platform: Web, Windows, Mac

gliffy flowchart editing interface

This next flowchart creator will improve your innovation with the help of its online communication and team collaboration tools. Gliffy enables you to grant access on selecting who can view, edit and comment on diagrams. In addition, sharing diagrams or flowcharts are made easy through embedding or shareable links.


Score: 9.0

Platform: Mac, iPad, iPhone

omnigraffle edit interface

OmniGraffle is a professional flowchart and diagram maker available for Apple devices. This tool lets you make clear connections between objects using its Orthogonal line routing that automatically adjusts where and how the line bends around the objects. Apart from that, it also supports Dark Mode allowing you to comfortably work to a low-light environment.


Score: 8.0

Platform: Web, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android

cacoo edit interface

Just like GitMind, Cacoo is an online flowchart maker with a vast collection of templates and shapes. It also offers track changes for your revision history and flowcharts can be easily edited and updated with remote teams via sharing and embed links. One key feature of this app is the integration with apps like Confluence and Visio to fit your regular workflow.

Google Drawings

Score: 7.5

Platform: Web, Mac, Windows

google drawings edit interface

Another completely free flowchart maker you can use to simplify complex algorithms is Google Drawings. It comes with several export options allowing you to save files to JPEG, PNG, SVG, and PDF formats. Additionally, all your projects are stored directly to Google Drive and access them from any device.

Diagram Designer

Score: 8.0

Platform: Web, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS

diagram designer edit interface

Diagram Designer is a free flowchart software yet comes with core functionalities to create comprehensive flowcharts and other schematic diagrams. It does not only allow you to create diagrams but also enables you to utilize the advanced pocket calculator to help you with solving basic and equation problems. Interestingly, the tool is integrated with the Meesoft Image Analyzer to aid bitmap image editing and expand file format support.


Score: 8.1

Platform: Web, Mac, Windows

plant uml edit interface

If you want to learn how to create flowcharts with a scripting language, you should probably pick PlantUML. This is unlike the other flowchart creators that use GUI(graphical user interface) in creating diagrams. It offers support to different types of diagrams such as sequence, use case, Gantt and more. Also, it is possible to insert notes on messages to add more information.


Score: 9.1

Platform: Mac and Windows

thinkcomposer edit interface

More than flowcharts, you can definitely create a wide range of diagrams when working through ThinkComposer allowing you to capture those bright ideas you have. It offers a bunch of specialized visual elements along with the app’s powerful relationships to connect ideas. As you hover the cursor to an object, icons will appear allowing you to edit the node for further enhancement.


To demonstrate procedures clearly and understand complicated thoughts, you need a flowchart software to do so. As for finding the right program, it’s advisable to consider the library of shapes and templates offered by the tool as well as the usability. In addition to that, handy features like revision history to track or retrieve changes.

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