A Raisin in the Sun Study Guide: Themes, Plot, Characters

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A Raisin in the Sun is a play by Lorraine Hansberry which debuted on Broadway back in the 1950s. It talks about the life of the Youngers family after their patriarch died. The story revolves around the $10,000 insurance money left by their deceased father and how they want to use it individually. It was set in the south side of Chicago, and also talks about racial inequality and how people of color were treated by society back in the days.

A Raisin in the Sun Summary and Analysis

A Raisin in the Sun Character List

a raisin in the sun character list
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As mentioned above, the story tells the life of the Youngers. They are a family of black people residing in Chicago during a time of evident racism. Each characters were developed realistically to portray the exact situation that every people of color experience even in these modern days. Lorraine Hansberry did a good job coming up with these A Raisin in the Sun characters.

A Raisin in the Sun Plot Summary

a raisin in the sun summary map
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The map above is a representation of the events that occurred in various chapters of the book. Each chapters are summarized according to their plot to give you more insights about the events, which is useful in studying. Aside from that, you will also see the total number of chapters that you can expect to encounter from the entire book. For more information, check the whole A Raisin in the Sun summary guide here.

A Raisin in the Sun Analysis

a raisin in the sun analysis
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The book is set in the Southern side of Chicago in the year 1959 which is a few years later after World War II. The entire story is well-written and executed, as every character were developed realistically. Tone-wise, the book is somber which is evident during the first couple of scenes in the play. Humor is also incorporated in the story to keep things light and interesting for readers. Overall, despite the few chapters in the story, we can say that it focused the story to social issues like discrimination. Check the A Raisin in the Sun analysis chart above for more information.

How to Make a Book Summary Mind Map

If you are tasked with making book summaries, especially with A Raisin in the Sun, then you can use the ones above. However, if you are going to make a different topic, then that is a different story. What you need to learn then is to make your own book summary. On that note, we will introduce a free tool that you can use to make book summary charts. GitMind is an online tool that you can use easily without having a hard time. If you’re interested in using this tool to make an A Raisin in the Sun summary, follow the steps below.

  • Launch GitMind on your PC, and then click the “Get Started” button to reach the landing page. After that, get the information that you need from the book which is in this case is A Raisin in the Sun.
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  • To start editing, click the “New Mindmap” button and the page will shift to the editing panel. You can now start designing the map according to your preference. There are many options that you can add to make it more appealing. Don’t forget to label each nodes with the right information about the book.
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  • Lastly, save the A Raisin in the Sun character or summary map by clicking the “Save” button. Alternatively, you can download the map on your PC by clicking the “Export” button.
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 A Raisin in the Sun is a relevant piece of literature that captures the modern struggles of the working-class people of color, not only in the Unites States, but across the globe. That is the reason why it is one of the plays and books that you should watch or read at least once in your life.

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