6 UML Activity Diagram Examples and Detailed Tutorial

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UML Activity diagram are primarily used to visualize business processes. In-general, we can say that it includes all the steps that flows within a business model or system. On that note, it is important to learn how to read a UML Activity Diagram if you plan to make one. That is why we dived deep into providing you with the necessary information. From things such as the symbols frequently used, to ready-made templates and activity diagram example, we made sure that you will get what you want. To see what we’re talking about, continue reading below.

UML Activity Diagram Examples and Tutorial

Online Shopping Activity Diagram Example

activity diagram exampl
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Online Shopping is a big hit these days. With all the convenient features that it provides, no wonder it became one of the preferred methods when purchasing goods. The diagram above demonstrates how online shopping functions as a business. You will see the stages that your parcel goes through before getting delivered to your doorstep by looking at this UML activity diagram example.

Sofware Engineering Activity Diagram Template

activity diagram template
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Ever wondered how your favorite software application came to be? Then check the activity diagram above to learn how software engineering happens from start to finish. The diagram illustrates the processes that software engineers and developers perform to create a single software. If you are into software engineering, then you will surely come across such task, and what better way to prepare for it than referring to the software engineering activity diagram template above.

ATM System Activity Diagram Example

atm uml activity diagram example
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Banking is one of the most secured industry. Due to the risks of fraud, banks employed a lot of security protocols to ensure the safety their client’s money. Due to these security protocols, it takes some time before you can withdraw money over the counter. That is why banks use Automated Teller Machines or ATM to cater clients who are just withdrawing money or checking their account balance. The activity diagram example above shows the processes involved in an ATM system.

Library System UML Activity Diagram Example

library system
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Libraries have a system that lets them monitor all books that were being taken out and returned. Aside from the usual book catalog system, libraries these days are leaning to digital book keeping because it’s safer and convenient. When someone borrows a book from the library, it must be checked-out with the librarian first. The librarian in return will input necessary information about the borrower and then book itself to their system. To understand the process of a library system, refer to the activity diagram example above.

Mobile Application Activity Diagram Example

app activity diagram
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Mobile applications are one of the most used products of the digital age. From banking to messaging, almost all daily functions can be done via mobile apps. Since developing one involves the use of codes and programs, there is no wonder that developers employs the use of activity diagrams. The above example is a mobile messaging application activity diagram template that you can adopt if you are planning to make the same type.

Student Registration Activity Diagram Template

student registration
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Colleges and Universities uses technology to process the enrollment of their students. This is also one way of storing data about their enrolled students and track their total number. The above diagram shows how the student registration process in a school system function. It can serve as guide to fulfilling the entire registration process. Check the activity diagram example for more information.

How to Make Activity Diagram Online?

It is undeniable that using templates is easier when it comes to making activity diagrams. However, the main concern is always in the aesthetics and amount of information present. That is why if you prefer using your own diagram, then you can go ahead and make your own online. GitMind can help you make your own activity diagram within minutes, depending on the complexity of your diagram. To learn how to make UML activity diagram example from scratch, follow the steps below.

  • Launch GitMind from your web-browser and then click the “Get Started” button from the landing page. After that, hit the “New Flowchart” button from the homescreen and it will shift to the editing panel.
new flowchart
  • Use the various shapes and elements conveniently categorized to start editing your activity diagram. You can change the color of each nodes and fill it with texts if needed.
edit the diagram
  • Once you’re done editing the chart, you can save it by clicking the “Save” button. Alternatively, you can download the activity diagram template on your PC by clicking the “Export” button.
save the diagram

In case you prefer to create a mind map offline, then you can use its desktop version instead. Simply get it from the download button below.



Activity diagrams are very intimidating to read and make. That is why it is a great help that there are usable templates and examples available on the internet. Aside from that, useful tools that let’s you make your own activity diagram example are present. This for sure will benefit a lot of people, especially those who work with various systems and developers of various applications.

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