What is Activity Diagram and How to Create Online?

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There are many kinds of UML diagram, and one of them is the Activity diagram. This type visualizes the dynamic sides of any system involved. To put it simply, this is a type of flowchart that shows the complex steps and roundabout of a process. Visually, this chart can appear as a sequential, branch and concurrent in form. Now, if you want to use this type of diagram, then you must first understand when to use it. Luckily, we will provide in-depth information about it, as well as examples that you can use anytime.

Ultimate Activity Diagram Tutorial

UML Activity Diagram

When to Use Activity Diagram

Unlike other charts, UML activity diagram can be used under different circumstances. For instance, if you want to demonstrate the relationship between the process involved, then use this type of diagram. Additionally, if you want to show how certain events relates to the other then this diagram is needed. In general, aside from being detailed, it also shows various perspective and gives you an idea about the potential outcome of the project.

Components of an Activity Diagram

There are many things that you can include in your diagram, such as shapes, images and things alike. However, that is not case for some activity diagram online creators. There are only a limited kinds of shapes that you can use in this type of diagram, as it only shows specific data. With that being said, here are some components that you can include in your diagram.

diagram components

1. Box – This symbol represents actions within the process.

2. Diamonds – This shape presents decisions that you can make within the diagram that coincides with other data.

3. Bars – It represents the beginning and end of two tasks.

4. Black Circle – This is the symbol that represents the initial state or start of the task sequence in your activity diagram.

5. Encased black circle – This is the end state where the desired outcome is supposed to be met.

Editable Activity Diagram Examples

Here are some sample diagram templates that you can use anytime.

1. Banking System Activity Diagram

The diagram template shows the activities involved when banking. It clearly demonstrates the steps that you need to follow to meet your goal, which is to update the account balance. This means that you will see the end result regardless if you will make a deposit or withdraw from your account.

gitmind activity diagram template 1
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2. Website Login Process

This simple UML activity diagram shows the process when you log-in to any website account. It will show the actions that you need to take in-order to successfully meet the requirements.

account login uml activity diagram
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How to Make an Activity Diagram

If using templates is not your cup of tea, then you can make you own if you wish. Since the components are provided above, it will be easy to make a diagram from scratch since you already know their functions. Here are the steps that you can follow to make your own activity diagram online using GitMind.

  • Launch GitMind from your web-browser, and then click the “New Flowchart” button. From the editing panel, you can click the “UML” section to load the UML shape section.
launch gitmind
  • Use the different shapes from the said section to construct your diagram. There are also other elements that you can add to your chart if you wish depending on your chart.
edit the diagram
  • Once done editing, you can save the diagram to your cloud by clicking the “Save” button. Alternatively, you can save the activity diagram into your PC by clicking the “Export” button.
save the diagram


Now that you know a thing or two about this type of diagram, there is no reason for you not to use it next time. All you need to do is look for a great tool that provides UML shapes to ease the creation process. With that being said, you can choose GitMind to get the best options in making activity diagram online.

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