An Introduction to Ansoff Matrix and How to Use?

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The Ansoff Matrix is a tool used to examine and create plans that can help in the growth of a business. Also called “Product/Market Expansion Grid” this matrix contains four strategies that can be of help in a business. With that being said, we delved deep into the essence of the Ansoff strategy, and provided some relevant information about it below. Continue reading below to learn more information about this matrix.

Ansoff Matrix Introduction

Ansoff Matrix History

The Ansoff Growth Matrix was first introduced in 1957, by Russian American applied mathematician and business manager Harry Igor Ansoff. It was first published in the Harvard Business Review and later on published by Ansoff himself in a book titled Corporate Strategy in 1965. The entire matrix is divided into four quadrants with different strategies.

Ansoff Matrix Elements

As mentioned above, the matrix is composed of four strategies. Get to know these strategies from the list below.

  • Market Penetration – This Ansoff matrix example strategy focuses your attention to your existing products in a competitive market. This means that it prioritizes the development of strategies to increase the sales of your products.
  • Product Development – This strategy focuses on innovation because it requires the creation of a new product. It is a double-edged sword where your new product can either succeed or fail in an existing market.
  • Market Development – Another great strategy that can be employed is the Market Development. This strategy involves placing an existing product in a new market. For example, you can strategize using the Ansoff Matrix and plan to introduce your video converter in the audio converter market. This is only possible if your product has the same function of the other products in that market.
  • Diversification – The riskiest strategy in the matrix, it suggests launching a new product in a new market that is entirely new to you.

Benefits of Using Ansoff Matrix

There are many benefits in using various strategies. This also applies to the use of Ansoff Matrix. Aside from that fact that you have multiple strategies to choose from, there are several other benefits in using this matrix. With that being said, we listed down some of these benefits for your perusal.

  • Helps marketing professionals in assessing the risks that comes with a chosen path or marketing direction.
  • Provides an overview of all available alternatives and opportunities that comes with a specific strategy.
  • Helps in assessing the risk level of a strategy
  • Easy to read and understand

Online Editable Ansoff Matrix Examples

There are many Ansoff matrix example on the internet. These are commonly used for presentations and sometimes for business purposes. To be specific, using a template is one of the most efficient way in making a chart or matrix. Aside from that fact that you can instantly use these templates, you are also saving resources since most of them are free. On that note, we created some templates that you can download and use for free.

  • Ansoff Matrix 1
ansoff matrix
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This template is a good example of simple yet presentable template. The template is editable so you can add any information that you need. You can even change the entire appearance of the Ansoff matrix by changing the colors, and other designs if you need to.

  • Ansoff Matrix 2
ansoff matrix example
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The next template is a variation of the previous one which is a simpler version of it. As seen above, the quadrants are labelled separately. In-general, creating this type of matrix is fairly easy since it’s a straight-up box type diagram.

  • Ansoff Matrix 3
ansoff growth matrix
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The last template that we have is a more visually appealing one compared to the previous templates. Each quadrants are color labeled to help readers distinguish which is which. To download this Ansoff matrix example, simply click the button above.


For over 50 years, the Ansoff matrix has helped marketing professionals around the world. Although it may sound intimidating at first, you’ll find that it is one of the easiest methods out there. Add to that the vast amounts of templates that you can download from the internet and you got yourself an easy and reliable marketing diagram.

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