10 Best Brainstorming Tools to Boost Creativity

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Working in groups provides a lot of benefits. One of which is being able to gather different opinions, and suggestions that can help improve the work. This can significantly boost working efficiency, and produce quality output. One way of collecting ideas is through brainstorming. This is a process where you sit down, and talk about ways to get the work done. However, it is easy to forget the ideas suggested during a brainstorming session due to the spontaneous flow of suggestions. Alternatively, you can use a mind-mapping tool and some brainstorming techniques to organize each idea. On that note, here are some brainstorming tools that you can use to organize you thoughts when brainstorming.

Top 10 Brainstorming Tools


GitMind Brainstorming Tool

GitMind is an online mind mapping and flowchart tool that has extensive template library. You can share your mind-map with your colleagues and they can edit it from any device including mobile. You can collaborate by using the comment function to discuss, and refine each ideas suggested during the brainstorming. Additionally, organizing ideas is easy with this tool because you can customize the layout via drag-and-drop making it one of the best brainstorming apps out there.

Pricing: Free


great online brainstorming tools

Bubbl.us is a cloud-based mind-mapping application that you can access online. Unlike most mind-mapping tools that provides other options, it only caters mind-map features. Being a cloud-based app, it allows collaboration between you and you colleague to create new and innovative ideas. However, they must have their own Bubbl.us account to do so. This online application is one of the easiest tool that you can use, since all you need to do is fill-in the information. It also provides an autosave feature, like most online mind-mapping tools.

Pricing: Free


mind manager free brainstorming tools interface

A more professional mind-mapping tool that you can use is MindManager. This is a software that supports Windows and Mac OS devices. The interactive charts here helps your colleagues understand the relationship between ideas better. The appealing visuals in the mind-maps promotes clear information dissemination and lets your team-mates add their own ideas. Additionally, it lets you add videos, hyperlinks and attachments to your charts. Aside from the visuals, it can save your mind maps in Word documents.

Pricing: Windows Version – $349, Mac version – $199


lucidchart application interface

Lucidcharts is a diagram and flowchart software that lets you collaborate with your team mates. You can use it for various things especially in brainstorming because of the diverse templates and functionality. Device compatibility is not an issue since the tool is supported by Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. On the other hand, it also has an offline mode that lets you work on your mind-map, even without an internet connection.

Pricing: Free Plan; Pro version – $7.95/month


wisemapping brainstorming template

Another tool that you can utilize is Wisemapping. Most users recognize this tool as an online app, however, it also provides a desktop software. It is one of the few tools that caters businesses by allowing them to download its software and run it from their own servers. This provides additional security and exclusive collaboration between team members. This tool allows users to import ready made templates, and export them as well.

Pricing: Free


groupmap collaboration software

GroupMap is one perfect example of online brainstorming tools designed for online collaborations and idea sharing. Users can add their ideas to each cell, and then others will see them real-time. It provides the option for ready-made templates or you can simply create your own. GroupMap lets you set parameters about the topic to guide your colleagues along the discussion.

Pricing: Basic plan – $20/month, Professional Plan – $60/month, Organization Plan – $100/month.


mindomo app interface

Mindomo belongs to the desktop software line of mind-mapping tools that has conversation features like real-time chat and comment options. This feature allows you and your team-mates to discuss every ideas, and create better ones by combining your thoughts and suggestions. You can create interesting mind-maps using the themes available within Mindomo. It also has an option that provides a link for your mind-map which you can share to your members.

Pricing: Team account of up to 5 members – $26/month.


stormboard diagram

Another one in the list is Stormboard. It provides a comment thread for each ideas shared on the digital white board. This way, users can keep track of each ideas and discuss how to refine and improve them. Like other tools, it provides templates to save your precious time. You can also access your mind-maps on mobile when you come across an idea anytime and anywhere.

Pricing: Team accounts – $10/month


create with freeplane

Next we have a member of the free brainstorming tools group, Freeplane. This open-source software runs on JAVA and can be used in portable mode. You can create complex mind-maps with Freeplane because of the different node options. You can manually arrange your ideas, or let the tool organize them for you. Freeplane can also encrypt your mind-map with a password to protect it from unauthorized access. On the other hand, you can export the mind-map on your computer and send it to your colleagues for their suggestions.

Pricing: Free

The Brain

the brain mind map screen

Finally, we have The Brain. This is desktop mind-mapping software that provides a use-friendly graphical interface. Probably the best thing about the tool, is that it automatically shows the connections between your ideas where you can track your ideas easily. You can also access your maps via mobile with the Sync option. Same can be said with your team mates, as they can access your mind-maps once you share it to them. They can then add comments and their own ideas to the mind-maps.

Pricing: Complete Package – $299, Service only Package – $15, License only Package – $219


In general, every brainstorming tool works the same, they all provide a convenient way to keep track and organize your ideas. However, in choosing the right tool, you need to consider the functionality and the price. If a free tool can provide the features that an expensive software offers, then it’s common sense to choose the free tool. GitMind is the perfect example of an online tool with premium features.

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