Circuit Diagram and Definition with Examples

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Circuit diagrams make use of symbols to illustrate many components of a circuit. It demonstrates how and where to connect the circuits and make them function, plus they could also be used to measure the current in various areas of the circuit. For example, you designed a circuit diagram for your light bulb and you want your bulb to be brighter. Therefore, modifying your circuit diagram will be a great way to determine what to put or change the circuit. Having said that, you can continue reading below to learn more about this process.

Circuit Diagram Introduction

Circuit Diagram Definition

A circuit diagram is a diagram that displays an electrical current in diagrammatic form. A circuit diagram, also known as an electric circuit diagram, basic diagram, or electronic schematics, is a graphical depiction of an electrical circuit that is simpler. These diagrams are used to plan, develop, and maintain electronic devices. It is also a simplified illustration of the elements of an electrical system that uses either picture of the individual elements or standardized icons. It represents the relative locations of all the elements as well as their relationships to one another. It is frequently used to show an electrician a graphic depiction of the circuit.

Benefits of using Circuit Diagram

  • Enhanced productivity – Electricians can be more productive if they are given a complete collection of diagrams designed particularly for the maintenance of the relevant series circuit diagrams.
  • Mechanical security – With proper and accurate diagrams, the technician will be inclined to acknowledge the responsibility of exposing the machine to risk in order to save possible call-outs.
  • Savings on maintenance – Diagrams are required for systematic and rapid defect detection, Without this, the electrician will mistakenly cause further problems, exacerbating the situation.
  • Staff turnover – Skilled electricians considered circuit diagram to be an essential component of their working environment.
  • Training – Organizations are increasingly dependent on technology, but competent electricians who are willing to conduct services are becoming extremely uncommon. The contradictory tendencies must push every firm to prioritize education and improvement.

Circuit Diagram Examples to Download

Every circuit diagram should be precise and accurate so that everyone can use it and make one by just following it as well. But before that, you will be needing a great tool to make your job much easier and at the same time can save your time. Moreover, You can check some of the simple free circuit diagram templates provided in this article.

Battery Charging Circuit Diagram

series circuit diagram
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A rectifier is used to charge the battery. The rectifier’s primary purpose is to convert the alternating current into a direct current. The rectifier displayed in the diagram is a bridge converter, which consists of four transistors linked in the shape of a bridge; this will limit the flow of electrical current.

Light Bulb Circuit Diagram

electric circuit diagram
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We need two wires for the light bulb electric circuit diagram: one neutral wire and one active wire. Those wires attach the bulb to the main power supply panel. It is best to use distinct colors for active and neutral cables. The international standard is to use the color red for active cables and black for neutral lines.

Air Conditioning Electric Circuit Diagram

air conditioning diagram
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The air conditioning circuit diagram shows the process of heating, cooling, cleaning, and circulating air while controlling its moisture levels. The energy apparatus for motors and generators for the compressor and condenser fans are included in the electric side of air conditioning.


Sometimes you really have to deal with a circuit diagram on a regular basis, whether you are an electrical student or an electronic professional. You can study and practice it to be able to take part in electrical or electronics discussions with the help of GitMind. It is a diagram maker that offers various types of templates. It also provides different types of elements you can use to make every project great and professional. A lot of people recommend this tool to help with their tasks on a daily basis.

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